Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy Halloween!

Things To Bring:
1) KBKK notes
2) Psychology notes
3) MUET book
4) Essay book
5) Poetry exercises
6) handphone
7) charger
8) wallet
9) bus ticket
10) myself

P.s: Won't be blogging for a while. Happy Halloween!!!

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Yerrrr, this laziness is killing me!!!

When I got my STPM result, I was quite worried. I was worried that my shameful result won't be able to guarantee me a place in university. I applied for UTAR for a biomedical science and biotechnology course, I went for UNISEL's open day because they offer TESL course and I surfed the net to see what other universities that I was able to enrol myself in.

I received a letter from UTAR and they offered me their biotechnology course. Nevertheless, I decided to wait for the reply from one of the public universities because I didn't want to burden my mom with extra financial burden.

That day, everyone was checking on the net whether they were accepted into public universities or not. Line was down. I can't even log in into the webpage so I asked my friends to check for me. Quite luckily, I got a place in University of Malaya!!! UM, no kidding! So, I was jumping up and down, hugging my brother and kissing him on the cheek. He thought I was crazy. Too bad, papa wasn't there to celebrate with us but I know, in heaven he is telling everyone about his daughter, me, an undergraduate in UM! I know he will be proud. He is always proud in all the things I do.

Ah, reflection of the past always has me in teary eyes and wet nose. . . The other day, mom was asking me when is my graduation day. Whoa, still a long way to go, I told her. She said nevermind, when I graduate she will give me a bouquet of flowers and then I said, yeah yeah, I want teddy bears too. So, my sister and brother shall give me two teddy bears. Then, they said, yeah, the teddy bears at home, they will send it to wash and then give them all to me during graduation day. Aiyo, it was a happy talk. Somehow, it is still not complete without my papa around. Omg, teary eyes again...

You know, I was really worried when I am scared my resuly will not able to secure me in university but now I think I am taking things for granted. I'm lazy. I do my revision because I need to. I finish reading to eliminate my guilt. I follow my study schedule so that I feel I am doing something. But, it's empty in the brain. Can't remember anything. I wonder why humans love taking things for granted. I used to be really hardworking and I remember things clearly...
But no, my mind refuses to remember any now.

Someone please tell me how lucky I am to get a place in UM and please tell me to appreciate it cuz I don't wanna graduate later than my batchmates...

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Home Sweet Home 4

Prosperous after taking a refreshing bath, she wants a towel to wipe her body.

Prosperous is pulling the towel from my mom so that she is able to sunbath while my mom dries her fur.

This is me after Prosperous licked me when we try to pose for a picture :( Me, looking funny :(

Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20)


The Bottom Line

After a short but serious period of emotional upheaval, your life is mellowing.

In Detail

After a short but serious period of emotional upheaval, your life is finally going to start calming down. There could be one lingering drama that just won't die, but it will at least be small enough that you can ignore it for a while. This return to your routine is something quite welcome, and will make you appreciate the quiet joys of your life -- like having time to be bored! You'll enjoy having quiet moments by yourself, so try to get in as many as possible.'s freakingly true. Emotional upheaval? I had it the other day.

Yeah, I think I can handle the lingering drama for awhile and I m returning to my routine which is to study. Feeling quite bored but it says there I will appreciate the quiet joys of my life. Duh, my life has always been quiet! Having moments by myself? Hmmm... will think of something to do by myself... studying? grooming? wateva...

Purposely Tempting Me

Oh, poor friends are actually not going back home during the study week. I know they're pity but they are pretending not to look pity by tempting me with the place they went, the things that they ate, the company that they have and so on...

Hey Anna, Alan and Zhong Wen, your pizza didn't make me jealous with the kind of things your mouth buds have tasted. I'm actually tasting my mom's and my grandma's home-cooked food. And guess what, it's FOC for me while y'all have to pay!!!! And even if I eat pizza, it's accounted on my mom's bill. Blueksss:P

Mee sua...aiseh!!! Mee sua that taste like shark-fin soup is only special when you eat it once in a while not always. I can eat it after my exam. It will taste better:P

P.s : Don't try to tempt me... I don't feel tempted at all. Muahahahahahah!!!

Monday, 27 October 2008

Happy Deepavali!!!

Happy Deepavali to all my Indian friends and also to the non-Indians. We are Malaysian so we celebrate this celebration of lights too :)

Arul, please load my stomach with cookies when you're back! I know i can't ask muruku from you cuz you're not celebrating Deepavali this year. Cookies are more than enough :P

Anna, remember to wear the punjabi suit we bought you today!!!


This my my little sister, Prosperous. It's really hard to take a picture of her, she's too hyperactive. She's one of the best things that we have in our life.

Whenever we go out for work, school or shopping, she will be waiting for us to come back. When we are out from the car, she will come running and greet everyone of us "Welcome back!"

Oh yeah, before I came back from KL, she has succeeded in learning how to shake hand. OMG, she's so so so cute! She knows how to sit, shake hand and jump into the car when we say "kai kai lor".

She's sick this morning. Vomited out her food at the road when we take her for a walk so that she can answer her nature's call. Pity her.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Home Sweet Home 3

This morning after waking up from bed around 6a.m.

Decided to continue reading psychology on bed.

Yeah, tying two again...pretending to be a kid again...SS again...this is what I do almost everyday.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Sigmund Freud's psychosexual theory

I've just finished reading Freud's psychosexual theory and I've never felt so funny reading it before. Why do I feel funny about such a serious academic psychology stuff? I would say I can relate it really well.

Freud's Psychosexual theory is divided into 5 stages:
1) The oral stage
2) Anal stage
3) Phallic stage
4) Latency stage
5) Genital stage

There it was stated
- punca keseronokan di mulut
- bayi mempelajari dunia luar melalui deria mulut.
- apabila keseronokan dihalang, konflik terjadi.
it's stated... kanak-kanak yg tidak diberi susu apabila diperlukan akan menggigit kuku bila dewasa dan memperolehi personaliti kritis dan ketagihan makan atau rokok. Made me thought of Arul...she likes biting her nails. Pity her, can't get enough milk when she was a baby :p

Secondly was...
- dubur menjadi punca keseronokan dan konflik
- kanak-kanak mendapat keseronokan dalam pembuangan najis atau menyimpan najis (wow!!!)
After reading that line, I thought of a kid resisting the temptation to shit and then when he or she can't hold that any longer, it will be like canon. Blasting the wall with (I dun need to say...I think y'all get it). I'm sorry, I don't mean to be like that but my mind has a mind of their own. I can't control it.

I can't remember I've ever love studying so much. . . Please don't ever don't be friends with me eventhough you find my mind terribly creative in a disgusting way. I'm sorry.

Home Sweet Home 2

Yesterday was indeed quite a tiring day for me. So, I decided to start off my revision today instead of yesterday. Plenty of time for me to relax so I've painted my nails last nite. Nice? It's my 3rd time applying nail polish. How's is it?

Soon after that, I received a MMS from Anna. Chiz!!! She, Alan and Zhong Wen (our TESL junior) went to have dinner in a Korean Restaurant. Anyway, can't get jealous oso so I just took more and more SSGG pictures lar.

My newly-painted nails. Anna, jealous or not??? Why can't we go to somebody's place and to all these girlie stuffs together? We should you's gonna be so exciting!!!

This is me. Can y'all see the eye bags and extra large nose??? Down with running nose... Pity me.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Li Chin's Revision Schedule

SATURDAY (25/10/08)
06:00-08:00 Psikologi (1st page till perbezaan pertumbuhan dan perkembangan)
08:30-09:30 Poetry II
10:00-12:00 Psikologi (Teori perkembangan till Pembentukan Personaliti Freud)
15:30-18:00 Psikologi (Psikoseksual till Peringkat Perkembangan)
20:00-22:00 Psikologi (Remaja till Krisis Identiti)

SUNDAY (26/10/08)
06:30-08:30 Psikologi (Psikososial till Kesan perbezaan individu ke atas prestasi sekolah)
09:00-10:00 Poetry II
10:00-10:30 Watch Totally Spies
10:30-12:30 Go and visit grandma + follow mommy to market
15:30-17:00 Psikologi (Konsep Kendiri)
17:30-18:30 Psikologi (Behaviorisme: Pavlov)
20:00-22:00 Psikologi (Skinner till Pembelajaran sosial)

MONDAY (27/10/08)
07:00-08:00 Poetry II
08:30-10:30 Psikologi (Kemahiran berfikir till Hukum Pengamatan)
14:00-17:00 Psikologi (Aplikasi till Pembelajaran ekspositori)
19:30-20:30 Psikologi (Teori pemprosesan maklumat till Motivasi)

TUESDAY (28/10/08)
06:30-10:30 KBKK 1
11:30-12:30 KBKK 2
14:00-16:30 KBKK2
18:00-19:00 KBKK3
20:00-22:30 KBKK3

WEDNESDAY (29/10/08)
07:00-09:00 KBKK4
10:30-12:30 KBKK5
14:00-15:30 KBKK5
17:00-19:00 KBKK6
20:00-21:00 KBKK6
21:00-22:00 Poetry II

THURSDAY (30/10/08)
06:30-10:30 KBKK7
14:00-16:00 past years ques
20:00-22:00 past years ques

FRIDAY (31/10/08)
halloween, pack up things to bring back to KL
whole day POETRY II

I'm worried

I'm worried about my proficiency test. The moment I went it, my mind was blank- not even a single idea coming out of it. Thought of giving up but no... This ain't no computer games. You can't just enter the room and get out from that room the minute you think you're going to lose. I couldn't elaborate much on my point. I think I am going to repeat that paper again. Hopefully not, I don't wanna be in UM for 5 years...4 years are more than enough.

I'm worried about my writing exam. I have confidence in Mr. Gomez's part but Dr. Julianna's part was a total disaster. Gosh, it's going to pull my grades down and my CGPA will go down the toilet bowl again!!!!!

I'm worried for myself and about myself. I'm worried I'm stepping too deep into the pit. How am I going to save myself if I fall?

Home Sweet Home

Hi, I'm Li Chin. I'm already twenty-one years old but I've no shame pretending to be a kid again.
Just to inform y'all that I'm at home now!!! That means....
Oh, no!!! More cam-whoring! More SS pictures coming up.
Bear with me
After all this is Li Chin's Blog :P

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

I'm all stressed up

I'm all stressed up.

Gosh, why everyone is expecting something from me. Please, I'm not a giver!!!

Stop bothering me.

If you wanna paste something...paste urself. I've handled things all by myself and I'm short, tiny and you're twice the size of me so there's no problem for you to handle it if I can handle it once.

Go away!!!

Love is...

When my papa suffered from end-stage renal failure, he couldn't walk with ease because of water retention in his body. So, my mommy helped my papa by being there for him whenever he needed her. That's love.

Love is when my papa held my mommy's hand during dinner after a long day of work.

Love is when mommy made my father a cup of coffee every morning knowing that it must not be too sweet because their love is sweeter than any sugar on Earth.

During my 1st SUKMA competition, I was so scared to perform. Knowing my family has come a long way from Pahang to see me perform, I wasn't scared anymore. That's love becuz it calms the nerves.

Love is when my father was heart-broken seeing me suffering from asthma when I was little. He told God he's willing to suffer what I was suffering so that I won't suffer anymore.

Love is when we hug our dog tight eventhough she's smelly. She kisses us back eventhough she knows really well that she has bad-breath :P

Love is when you be there for you friends because you know they need you.

Love is telling someone you love them when you really mean it.

Old Town Kopitiam

This is Alan feeling peaceful being with us after we've taking bath in Alicia's house. I was so smelly that Alan gotta help Arul and Anna to drag me out from college to Alicia's house. Beside Alan is Anna, she's feeling quite confuse after taking bath in Alicia's house. I think some of the water entered her brain...

This is Arul with her very big mouth. Maybe she's helping Navin to eat also since Navin's not here cuz Navin couldn't resist being with smelly Arul :P

This is me wondering why are we celebrating something weird in OldTown Kopitiam. We were celebrating for our clean, non-sticky and scented (yeah, scented with shower cream wat...) body. Lame, lame...

I love them :)

One of the things that I appreciate the most is my bunch of friends. I mean these few days have been confusing, mind-wrecking days for me. Luckily, Arul, Anna and Alan are there for me when I needed them the most.

Alan is there to give me some clarification although it is still not convincing enough, Arul and Anna have been really supportive all these while and I really love them. I wonder how boring will my life be without them or how down would I feel if there's no one to put up with my craziness, dry humour and sometimes my moodiness.

Arul and Anna, thanks for risking your lives to go KFC to cheer me up when I'm down and confuse. Alan thanks for accompanying me although you are busy with your friends' problems. And William thanks for the ride to KFC.

I've always dedicated my post to y'all...when will y'all dedicated ur post to me?? jk lar!!!

Anna and Alan thanks for sharing the money for our karaoke session. We sang for 4 hours and did many funny things there. (No need for me to elaborate...I think y'all know) At first we were planning to go pasar malam but it was raining heavily so we decided to spend our time in KBox while waiting for the rain to stop. Alan was suggesting that we should go and look see look see what they sell in pasar malam 1st but Anna and I were to psyched about the thought of singing aloud so both of us just turned our head and glance our way at the pasar malam and told Alan we have finished looking and seeing. Our last minute craziness taht Alan has to put up with....pity him.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

. . .

I've always like the way people falling in love. It shows that love can happen anywhere, anytime.

Breaking up the last time, I've always think whether there will be a chance to love again or not, whether I'll have the faith to trust people, whether the next relationship will have a future or not. Yes, I know, I am too free and to stop me from day-dreaming I'll always remind myself the way mom said I'll become a spinster.

Gosh, I don't even how to put this in words.

Here it is, someone confirmed something and then I don't know how to react. After that, the ride in his car was with minimal conversation. Bump into each other during lunch, we weren't talking, pretending not to see each other. Get together for dinner, not talking either. It's getting awkward.

I don't like the way it is or maybe I like the way he being so honest and courageous but clearly I don't like the way it is's weird.

My roommate sees that I'm looking weird all morning...hahaha maybe all day.

And I don't know what am I blogging. You know what I'm trying to say?

Let's just put it aside 1st and think about it after exam.

To him:
I'm sorry that I am making this just so difficult.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Community of Smelly People

I have short toleration for smelly people. I think people who are smelly are simply unhygenic enough. However, yesterday and today, UM has successfully build up a perfect community of smelly people.

Interesting right? Indirectly, I'm saying I'm smelly lar... I think because everyone is so smelly, no one dares to complain about anyone's odour or maybe because everyone has the same smell so no one notices about anyone's odour or maybe we are all immune to it. Wonderful hypothesis from my wonderful mind :P

The disruption of water supply in UM is killing me. I can't stand myself being sticky (even the papers under my hand sticks onto my skin), I can't stand myself having oily face, I can't stand myself thinking that I'm dirty...It makes me feel terrible like maggots are going to crawl out of my body anytime soon!!! That's a hyperbole, it is meant to make the situation sounds more terrible than it really is. Yeah, I'm sticky all over my body but paper doesn't stick onto my skin yet.

I can't go to toilet. I gotta hold back my nature's call cuz I can't tolerate the smell in the toilet. I can't tolerate the sights of excretement floating in the toilet bowl. I wonder whether those things will breed worms and corkcroaches in the toilet or not.'s yucky!!! How long can I supress my nature calls?!!???

Tuesday, 7 October 2008


The laziness in me has taken over my life. I lack the motivation to study, to finish up my assignments and to do my chores because I find them boring. I feel boring but yet I am doing nothing about it. I don't know it is just me or everyone else feels the lack of motivation to do things this semester. Assignments are piling up but yet I do not have the energy to do it. Sometimes, I just spend the time watching movies and blogging to pass my time. I've already planned out nicely what I wanted to accomplish tonight but yeah, I'm always a planner but not a do-er. I ended up blogging here and I do nothing about my assignments. Gosh, I don't even wanna touch it or think bout it.

So, after my lectures today, I took my shower and I hit the sack. I'm exhausted and I set my alarm so that I won't miss my dinner. Strange enough, my alarm clock I think it read my thought very well so it didn't ring when I've already set it to ring. I ended up having 2 hours of siesta and I woke up at 7p.m. Ahhh, it is still not too late for dinner but I just feel like lazing on my bed...I guess the thought of filling up my stomach with Milo again like yesterday did have a huge impact on me. I decided to 'tapao' back because I have the difficulties to find friends to have dinner with me this semester. Sob, sob...maybe because I look unapproachable or maybe I look too boring for anyone to have dinner with me...

The journey to the canteen, eventhough it was a short one left me feeling so lonely. I don't remember feeling as lonely as today but maybe because the sound of raindrops and crickets singing create the mood of over-peacefulness... At least the crickets are busy with their lives unlike me. :(

I hate college life. I hate the sight of my room - always empty. My friends in my room are my roommate's stuffed dog, my own hippo and the four walls who are always staring back at me.


Friday, 3 October 2008

All I wanted for this raya

I wanted so much to meet my best friends this Raya. Guess I will need to wait for another long holiday to meet them. :(

My Family 2nd Outing

We are on our way to Kelana Jaya for our steamboat.

Luckily the LRT is not so packed with people. We managed to cam-whore ourselves in the train.

One big happy family on the train. On my left is my husband and the rest are my kids!!!

We begin our steam-boating session as soon as we reached Talipon (that's the name of that restaurant)

Steam-boating cum frying. We are making the most out of our RM21.80 (per person)

We are all busy preparing the food for our hungry stomachs.

My beautiful daughters. Yeah, they have my genes :P

My husband, Chee Hoe with his fishball or meatball...

So, after our steamboat we board the LRT back to UM. Unfortunately, we left my another husband behind so we gotta wait for him in another station.

We have our fun time taking pictures while waiting for my another husband to arrive.

Our fingers... Our rudeness... Ya lar, waited for my another husband till 'bengang'.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you, the LRT models!!!

Cam-whoring with the yellow monkey in the LRT

I guess the monkiness in him is infectious... OMG!!

We walked back from Station University to UM and afterthat we prepare for our 2nd round gathering to celebrate 5 of our family members' birthday.

Their specially made birthday cards

The very sweet couple in our family

Our tradition...getting dirty after each birthday celebration and this is my creamy husband.

Hair cream made from the birthday cake

My son says that the birthday cake's a delicious one!

Pottu from me on my husband's face. I've never ever put pottu on anyone's face before... I 'm so proud of myself!