Friday, 14 September 2007

Jack of all trades, master of none

When I was in my yesteryears, I hate writing curriculum vitae or resume because I feel so uncomfortable to boost about how good or how suitable I am for a particular thing such as applying for a scholarship or a course in university.

After a few series of unfortunate events of doing group work with a few of my coursemates, I think I won't feel sorry to boost myself later on in writing any resume or curriculum vitae. I'm proud to say I'm extremely responsible person cuz I will finish my own task without people nagging me to do it. I'm also a reliable person cuz I'll deliver a quality assignment and even hand it in on time. That makes me a person with good time management and punctuality. Besides that, I've got a good leadership quality. I don't know where I get the power to push people to do their work eventhough I'm not the leader.

I'm proud to say I deserve all the compliments bcuz people like me don't mind going extra mile to deliver something good on time. Shame on those people who are always procrastinating and refused to do their work. Boo!!!

You'll get more in return if you are willing to go extra mile for something. It's university life, no more spoon-feeding. Get ur work done or else buzz off!!!

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Confusion is My Middle Name today

Pisces September 10, 2007
As you know, dear Pisces, you have reached a turning point in your life. The hardest part about making this decision is, as usual, saying farewell to your old ways. The past can seem so cozy and reassuring, especially when the unknown looms. It takes strength and determination to leave it behind. But whether it is a matter of your career or your love life, you have personal goals that cannot be sacrificed or denied.
Reached the turning point in my life? No wonder i feel so restless, lousy, boring, etc, etc today. I can even have all the adjectives from A-Z to describe the state i'm in now.
A-abnormal B-bored C-confuse D-disinterested..... M-moody N-numb..... S-sulky..... U-unsociable..... Z-zombie
I don't have any clue why I am like a walking zombie today. Probably becuz I'm deprived of sleep or I played lantern last nite out of the blue or I'm really crushed after preparing for the performance at the tanglung nite yesterday.
All I want to do now is to land on my own bed and sleep. If I'm lucky, I'll probably feel much better later in the evening.

Friday, 7 September 2007

my physical appearance

The story "The Ugly Duckling" conveys to us that one who is ugly and different will be immediately shunned off by the society. This is totally true. Physical appearance is everything. Whenever and wherever you go, you can't stop people from judging you.

Take me for example. During my teenage life, I was a person with high self-esteem until I've pimples growing all over my face. All those aunties asked, "Ey, what happen to your face? Didn't you wash your face?" Worst of all, a guy told me face to face that my bumpy face was like a toad. I didn't expect that to come and it totally shattered my confidence.

I've less problem with my face now but I've problem with my weight now. My roommate complained that I'm too thin and I look unhealthy. Can anyone tell me how to gain my weight? Stop telling me to consume more food because I have no problem with my eating. I'm not aneroxic and I'm not suffering from bullimia.

Monday, 3 September 2007

Merdeka Celebration

I pictured this year's Merdeka celebration will be filled with fireworks, patriotic songs and Merdeka spirit. I thought life in University will be great. That i can go out with a bunch of my friends to watch fireworks. Boy, i was so wrong!!! My friends especially both of my roommates went back their hometown for 3 days leaving me alone with my 27-year-old roommate :(

I woke up the next day feeling so distress! There was no other place to go cause I still dunno how to go from one place to another using LRT and bus. I only know how to catch a bus to Chinatown, Sungei Wang and MidValley of course. But, there was no way I am going to go anywhere cuz there will be no fun going somewhere else alone. And that day, 31 of August, I really overdose myself with boredom.

I finished Linguistic assignment, washed a whole pail of clothing, played Scrabble with the comp for 10 over times and finish playing and doing all those stuff before noon. Afterthat I went down to the canteen to have my lunch. I was imagining a nice set of lunch until the Mak Cik there sneeze right to that dish. Omigod, I wonder how many times I've eaten all the bacterias, viruses and saliva that accidentally came out from her MOUTH!!! No wonder I get diarrhea twice every week! Yucks, she was and still is so GROSS!!!

Sick of that scene, i went back to my room and ended up calling my mom to tell her the gostesque stuff in that canteen.

.....Me : Mommy, u know, that canteen Mak Cik sneeze right there to the dishes without covering her mouth. She's so gross, can you imagine that??

.....Mommy : Haiz, you're alwez complaining. That time you talked on and on bout the bathrooms and the toilets...this time the Mak Cik canteen! No wonder you don't have a boyfriend lar!

.....Me : Mom, you're weird. I thought you forbid be from having a relationship last time?

.....Mommy : Aiyo, you're dy 20!!! Go get a boyfriend.

.....Me : Mom, I'm single but not DESPERATE lar!!! Ok lar, bye, no more credit :P

The call ended at 3p.m. I completed the ending my a short story given by my literature lecturer at 3.15p.m.

Hmmm...not bad for a lazy gal like me. During those 3 days because I was stucked in a boredom, I chose to wash with my own hands since I got nothing else to do. Not bad though, i must say that it was quite successful. Then, i tidied up my whole room and i finished all my assignments and homeworks too:P I'm actually quite satisfied with my so-called Merdeka break celebration :) although I'm loner during those 3 days.