Monday, 30 June 2008

Very Emo Lately

Reading back on my older posts made me realize that I've been rather emotional lately. That's part and parcel of women's lives lar when you've mood swings.

Staring at the clear blue skin on this sunny day calms my mood. While my temper is under control, it's better for me to figure out what I am going to do next semester.

Here we go...

Li Chin’s Third Semester’s Resolutions

1. I will go for lecture even if I have notes available online or I have friends taking the notes down for me. The lectures will help me get a better understanding of the material which will eventually help me in my exam.

2. I will take good notes so that I will have a presentable and complete notes to read before exams.

3. I will study consistently. I will not cram my head with information the night before exam.

4. I will budget my spending. I will not go shopping every weekend and that will minus the feeling of regret after I bought something that I don’t really need. I will not shop just to get the guilt to drive me to study.

5. I will get involved around campus. I will join college activities as well as activities in university to widen my horizon.

6. I will take advantage of the resources available around me to polish up my English. I will speak English when I’m in campus. I’ll blog at least 3 times in a week. I’ll read newspapers just to know what’s happening around me. I’ll continue reading CLEO and SVH.

## TESL friends : If by any chance you hear me speaking chinese, please give me a slap, pinch me, etc etc ##

7. I will control my temper and never let emotions get the better of me.

8. No matter how busy I am, I will make time for my family and friends.

9. I will exercise every morning and every night to shed the extra kilos.

10. I will clean my room once a week unless there’s something better to do.

Friday, 27 June 2008


The chocolate wafer I ate this morning reminds me of the days when I was little. Back then, we wasn't rich but we are still able to lead a normal, happy life with basic necessities. I had a very protective father. He was my pillar of strength.

Yesterday I've a very rough time. Mom ordered a wardrobe from a particular shop but it turned out to be a different wardrobe. I've to argue with that stupid idiot that that isn't the wardrobe we want and she's making a huge mistake. If only my father is here. He will be able to take care all of these things.

Gosh, I just feel so down. Not that I couldn't settle this huge mistake. I'm down cuz I couldn't help to ease my mom's burden. I just feel so useless at times.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Li Chin's Last Semester's Resolutions

It's my day off from work after a long week. Few days ago I was planning to spend this morning at the beach but too bad my plans didn't turn up the way I want. Perhaps Monday morning I will spend the whole of my morning at the beach and figure out some of the things about my future. I will need to write a new resolution for next semester.

Let's take a look at my last semester's resolutions.
Li Chin’s New Year Last Semester Resolutions

1) I don’t work hard enough in my 1st semester. I’ll strive harder in order to survive successfully in my 2nd semester. I got to get CGPA 3.67 above or else it will ruin my self-image in front of my juniors in my 3rd semester.
Forget about that!!! This semester's result went down the toilet bowl...

2) I am suffering from low-self esteem. I must get good results in all those TESL subjects, dress up presentably and dance to perfection to build back my self-esteem. I will join activities organized by UM and I will try my best to manage my time so that I can work as a tutor to earn extra pocket money.
21 credit hours per week + tonnes of assignments + dance practice...not enough time to work. Self-esteem doesn't seem to improve :(

3) I will not gossip about people that much no matter how juicy some news is unless some people is horrendously wrong and worth my criticism. Gosh, I’m such a gossip gal!
My former roommates and I can talk about almost anything. We don't just gossip about ppl or maybe we gossip too much in the beginning of the sem so we kinda bored of it dy.

4) I will not spend my time day-dreaming, wondering and missing someone in Russia no matter how tempted I am. I’m moving on and it’s his lost if he doesn’t know how to appreciate me.'s amazing that I'm happy that he has a girlfriend now. I used to believe that we have so much in common and I'm meant to be the one for him. Guess the feelings have faded finally.

5) I will spend every 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night to do some exercises. I will minimize the amount of food I eat but I’ll eat 6 times a day. I’m determined to shed that extra kilos I’ve gained during my stay in KL then I’ll maintain my weight at 43kg.
43kg??? I'm 46kg now. I'll start to exercise on Monday. I have to!

6) I’ll try to control my temper and never let emotions get the better of me. If someone blurt out or criticize something that seems insulting to me, I will pay back them 10 times more than what he or she had insulted.
Sounds so wrong? What am I saying here? Never let emotions get the better of me but will snap at some ppl who insult me? Something wrong with my brain.

7) I’ll clean my room twice a week and wash my clothes everyday.
I had clean my room almost everyday but I'll let the washing machine do the washing when I'm in hostel. Speaking about washing machine, will they increase it to more than RM2.50 next semester?

8) I want to be an avid reader. I’ll continue to read CLEO and I must read newspaper everyday so that I’m not like the larvae that still trapped in my own cocoon. I’ll read Sweet Valley High thrice every week to build up on my vocabulary.
Avid reader? Muahahaha. I read the first few pages of Huckleberry Finn and I read the summarize version of it ny. Speaking about laziness...

9) Now that I’m a grown-up, I’ll put more attention on personal grooming. I will put on a bit of make-up so that I’m not like a plain Jane. I’m going to do manicure and pedicure once I got the time.
Grooming my foot! Still like a plain Jane. Manicure and pedicure?? I've done it in my dream.

10) I’ll indulge in facial once in a month to improve on my skin condition.
Yeah...that I've done.

11) I should start planning my own budget or else all those money will go down the drain.
I've done that too but I can't seem to resist myself from buying new clothing. What a shopaholic! At least I don't spend too much like Ling Sii. She got dunoo how many pairs of shoes under her bed in her hostel....

12) I want a mirror-shine, cashmere soft healthy hair.
Not soft oso...

13) I will have a closet make-over. I need to bid goodbye to the teenage clothes I used to wear.
Closet makeover? No nid lar...wasting money.

14) I will catch up with latest movie so that I’ve something to talk about.
Short on money!!!

Will reveal my new resolutions next week....

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Li Chin and her weight

Am I the only one who's constantly comparing myself with my friends or everyone else around me is doing the same thing? The last thing I was comparing at Meen Yee's birthday party was my figure. Picture don't lie. I am getting huge and bulky!!! I think if I don't control the way I eat now, before I get the chance to watch Incredible Hulk, I myself will be like Incredible Hulk - green with envy admiring some of my friends' figure.

The last time I tried to diet was 3 weeks ago and it failed miserably. Not only I am lazy to do exercises that I planned but I am eating more than I've ever eaten!!!!!

Thanks to the canteen food served by our aunties in KK9. Extra nutritions from the dirty and smelly canteen and not to mention the oily banana plates! That must be it! It made me gained 4 kilos!

I need to do something. Need to plan my diet again. Maybe I should drink more lime juice or green tea. Maybe I should not eat rice. Maybe I should replace my rice with tofu, vege and fruits. No more maybe, maybe...I need to get a grip to beat my hunger.

They say when your age is catching up, your metabolism slows down. That's so so true!