Sunday, 11 October 2009

Pesta Tanglung Universiti Malaya

Most of the time I have a barren mind when I have decided to write about something good and the same goes to this. Nevermind about that. Assignments can wait after I relieved my mind with this purposeful blog.

Most of us do not the get the chance to shine on stage. Reminiscing back to 2 months ago, I was just another one of the lonesome undergraduates looking for something to past my time. So, I decided to give Pesta Tanglung Universiti Malaya a try. It was an abrupt decision so instead of going to the interview first, I went to the audition on my own.

I was presented with a passport to a 2-month practice under 3 choreographers. Congratulations to me and my wishes were finally answered. When the undergraduates went back to their hometown, I had my time occupied with training camp. Nevertheless, it was a superb experience although most of us were down with joint pains and muscular aches the following day. We had our chance to bond, to snap those girlish, ugly, crazy and cute pictures which I am quite sure the memories will last in my mind even after my days in UM.

We spent hours to practice every day. The days seemed tougher with each passing hours. I was experiencing hellish moments. Her words were like bees stinging my eardrum till it penetrated by vulnerable self. I felt like crying when she kept on complaining that I looked blur, so on and so forth. Other dancers were not in a better condition that I did. Hooi Meng was forced to carry some dancers with smaller frame because of her physique (I mean she's tall, not fat yeah...), Ying Chow got her shoulder blade moved forward, all the dancers practically danced till their feet were numbed, till their sweat glands were out of sweat, till all the carbohydrates were being broken down to ATP. Yup, those were the days.

Me with my front leg pivot. A request from other dancers.

My jump requested by the choreographer.

At the backstage with PTUM'09 dancers. It was my first time wearing a chinese costume and we somehow looked like Chun Li the street fighter on that fateful day. BTW, the make up artist that helped me to apply the powder sucked. It was like me stealing her fiance, spouse or whatever you call it and she was hitting my face like no one was seeing. The worst part, she ruined my eyebrow or eyebrows... I am not sure which side is better cuz it's so damn freakin' ugly now.

This was the catching monster dance which we all made the last amendment one day before the performance. This is us being downstage with the audience. Scary, nerve-racking moment but I still looked blur.

The same dance. Adrenaline pumping...

I think this is the coolest picture of all. The light had an ghostly effect on our shadows. Who would have thought it would have such a brilliant effect?

PTUM was a success. It wasn't about the performance that made the days so memorable. It was the process of it. Who would have guessed we would shed our tears the moment we think the days we, being together are going to end? It was truly a bitter-sweet moment. Thank you so much to all the bureaus that have made this possible. Thank you so much to PTUM. I learnt so much-- To seize each moment, to manage my time, to control my emotions. It was a battel-field, a life-changing experience.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Baby Prosperous

One of the best things that I am rewarded by God in life is this little dog who has colour up our life in every way that is possible. She touches our heart with her little paw in each breaking dawn, wags her tail to welcome us, kisses us with her furry mouth whenever she sees a chance, etc etc. It's always a very welcoming sight to see her.

It's insane how humans are up for materialistic items in this era to make them happy when all we need everyday is love and those little creatures whom we regard as our pets thrive on the generosity of love that we are ready to offer. Prosperous doesn't live on expensive dog biscuit like any other expensive dog breeds. She prefers whatever left-over food like the juicy bones that are full with our salivas and she thrives on our love. All she ever asked for is to be part of us. To sleep in the same room like what my bro and sis do, to sit in the car to experience the cool breeze from the window and most of all to share the same mother with the 3 of us. Mind you, she gets jealous whenever our mommy sits on the same sofa with us.

She's sick for 2 days. Since she's being such a babe to us, I am heading back to Kuantan after my Grandpa Bill's class. Some might regard as being insane but then I feel sad for them who doesn't know the value of life. Prosperous is not any kind of dog. She's our baby Prosperous and she's my little sister.