Monday, 25 May 2009

With a number of outings with friends and the late-night sleep, I think my skin deserves some pampering. Quite recently, I have been told by my bunch of former schoolmates that my complexion is getting better and I take pride in that. So, this blog is about Li Chin's beauty regime. It's really simple and it will only take you about 20-25 minutes once you make up your mind to do it.

1st and foremost, you'll have to tie up your hair that is itching your face. If you have a fringe like me, you'll have to clip it up cuz you don't want your hair to mess up with all the products you put on your face and what's more introducing a number of bacterias on your skin.

All you need is a room with a mirror and plenty of clean, running water and I would suggest you to be in a bathroom, a toilet or whatever you call it. You will also need your make-up remover, your cleanser, a toothbrush, your toner and your moisturizer or your pimple gel.

If you wish to do a mask, and you're running low on cash, I will suggest you to use two slices of tomatoes cuz tomato mask is the easiest mask to make that I have come upon so far. You can also make your own banana mask, yogurt mask and so on. Besides all these, you'll also need a clean towel and one piece of cotton wool.

Press a size of 20 cents make-up remover on the palm of your hand. Rub it evenly onto your face. Give your face a gentle massage. You'll need to use your middle finger and your ring finger to do this. From the middle of your chin, you'll massage it in a circular motion right to the end of your jaw and induce a certain pressure when you stop at the end of your jaw. I think I'll not elaborate much on this here. Maybe I will have it written out in my next post.

Afterthat, wash your face and use a cleanser to cleanse your face. Do not wash it first.

Exfoliate dead skin and eliminate blackheads with your toothbrush (soft bristles). Then, brush your face really gently in a circular motion. Be gentle okay. I do this once a week and I must say this really works well in getting rid of my blackheads.

Wash your face and make sure it is clean. Now, take one slice of that tomato on the plate, put in on your face and just simply rub it on your face. Don't try to do this on the eye part. It will surely irritate your eyes. If you are greedy like me, you can do the same thing all over your face with the second slice. Then, leave it for 10 to 15 minutes.

Wash your face. Towel dry. Next, use the cotton wool, put some toner on it and tone it on your face.

Last but not least, put on your moisturizer, your pimple gel and voila you're done.

If you have a sensitive face, don't try this okay? I don't want to be held responsible about anything that goes wrong. Go and waste some money on some good and reliable beauty products. If you have problematic skin, talk to your dermatologist and he or she will tell you what works for you.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Thanks Rheitha for tagging me!!! And I'll try to answer this in Bahasa Malaysia :)

1. Apakah hubungan awak dengan dia (insan yang menge-TAG anda?)
Rheita Desmond merupakan kawanku yang comel dari Fakulti Pendidikan, Kursus TESL. Aku suka memanggil dia StingRayta. Aku tahu Bahasa Malaysia saya dah karat, janganlah ketawa ya!!!

2. 5 impressions terhadap si dia..
- Comel hingga aku nak sangat mencubit-cubit pipi dia!!! Tapi dia tak tahu! Hahaha :P
- Bahasa Inggeris dia bagus. Writing bagus, Comprehension bagus, Semua bagus!
- Kerjanya sangat kemas??? Tidy???
- Senyum Sokmo!
- Sangat suka menolong orang!!!

3. Perkara yang paling memorable dia pernah lakukan kat awak?
Mengizinkan saya memanggil dia sebagai StingRayta! Dia tag saya sebab saya suruh dia tag. Tak tahu malu betul!

4. Perkara paling memorable dia cakap kat awak?
Hmmm... mungkin saya akan jawab soalan ni lain kali sebab benda ini tak terlintas pun dalam fikiran saya. Oh, nanti, nanti!!! Dia kata dia nak jadi saya punya pengikut!!!

5. Kalau dia kekasih awak, awak akan?
Benci diri saya!!! Sebab saya dah tak tahu apa jadi ngan saya!!!

6. Kalau dia jadi musuh anda, anda akan?
Dia takkan jadi musuh saya lah!!!

7. Kalau dia kekasih anda, dia perlu improve dlm...?
Tak perlu improve sebab dia sudah sempurna!

8. kalau dia jadi musuh anda mungkin kerana...?
Bahasa Inggeris dia bagus dan no matter how hardworking I am, I still cannot beat her!

9. Overall impression tentang dia?

10. The most desirable thing to do with her/him?
Tak pernah lagi dalam satu kumpulan buat assignment. Mungkin next sem nak cuba ngan dia pulak.

11. Apakah anda rasa tentang pandangan orang terhadap anda?

12. The character of you for yourself...
Aku ni tak suka senyum dan orang ingat saya ni garang. Chiz!!

13. on the contrary, the character you hate about yourself...
Tamak. Nak ini dan itu tapi tak berkemampuan. Sedihnya :(

14. The ideal person you want to be with
Keluarga saya.

15. For people who like you, tell something to them...
Continue to like me cuz I love y'all more with each passing day :P

1. Put this badge (above) in your awesome blog.

2. Award this badge to 10 bloggers whom you think are inspirational and friendly.

3. Make sure you put the 'recipients' names here, along with their links.

4. Let them know about this.

Oleh itu, saya menge-TAG anda di bawah ini..
1) Arulselvi
2) Anna Louis Tan Ling Ling
3) Alan
4) Zhong Wen
5) Fish
6) Soo Ching
7) William
8) Poay Hoon
9) Fengy
10)Kee Aun

Ngam-ngam sepuluh!!! Yay!!! Boleh diterbitkan sudah :)

Thursday, 7 May 2009

A Quest

From the moment, I walked out from that place, I know a new chapter of my life has begun. It seems that I get the closure that I am looking for and now I am finding my old self.

I think I won't be blogging for awhile. I am on the quest of finding back myself. Bye.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Papa...You're The Best.

Stopped by at KL Sentral today to get a ticket to Times Square. Saw a boy, holding his father's hand, going to somewhere with his parents. He's happy... He's like my brother. This reminds me of my father.

I miss him so much. So much so when I type this, tears keep flowing down from my eyes. Ah, dun cry Li Chin, roommate gonna be back soon... Don't cry.

Others can simply go back and see their family. Where can I go to see my father once again? Oh, I miss him so much. Sometimes, when I am walking alone, I would stretch out my hands just to feel the wind. Feeling as if it's my father who's grasping my hand.

I love you so much father. I know 10th May is your anniversary with mommy. I bought something for her on behalf of you.

I miss you papa. Somehow, it isn't complete without you around. I love you. Really do.

Saturday, 2 May 2009


I had my last paper today. It was none other than the most difficult paper of the semester, Drama 1. I thought I am going to score an A- for that paper but when I was reading the first question from the exam paper, it occured to me that I was clueless about it. I whispered to Fish Kee that my result is going to go down the drain and I looked to my left hand side and gave Gui Chan a blank look. Nevertheless, it ain't gonna be as pathetic as it seemed. If Li Chin can't do it, half of the class is going to be flushed down the toilet bowl with me! Am I being confident or cocky here? Explain to me. I don't seem to be able to differentiate between the two.

Age is catching up sooner than we thought. I couldn't remember what I did after my exam during my first year. I am getting symptoms of Alzheimer disease at the age of 22! I remembered how I spent my time at the Cheras Pasar Malam last semester with Anna and Alan and it felt so different this year. Sometimes when you flashback your thoughts on these moments you'll notice how people have changed. I look forward to my semester break but then I hate it when I get back here, people are being rather different. So, this semester, I spent my after-exam hour with Amy, Chia Sing, Jia Wei, Dayang, Poay Hoon and Me Yi. We walked around in MidValley and spent our time having pizzas.

Didn't enjoy my time with them to the max cuz I need to rush back to my room to pack my stuffs. It's a bless to have an uncle to be in KL so I can just throw all my things at his house but it's bad cuz I will not have my pillow, comforter and my Tai Ong Pong to hug...

After the rush hour, here I am looking for some stuffs to do. I have 1 pail of clothing to wash, the room to clean, little little things to pack back to Kuantan. Now, I have so much time to think and plan on the things to do during my semester break. I'm thinking about it over a cup of coffee. I think I am not going to sleep tonight. I might as well enjoy the night in college.

I love y'all my friends. Don't change too much during the break, okay? I scared I wouldn't be able to catch up. Just stay lovable!!!

Friday, 1 May 2009

Going Nuts

Have you ever experienced a feeling like mine? Where your body doesn't seem to be yours anymore? Things and lines from the book you memorized keep swimming in your mind causing you to be drowsy and uneasy? You can't rest yourself because you mind won't let you. Whenever you close your eyes, the lines you've memorized keep haunting you on the surface of your eyeballs eventhough you have shut your eyes? Do you feel what I feel?

I am in the midst of memorizing the lines from Shakespeare's King Lear to quote it in my paper tomorrow.I bet after I memorized all my lines I would be too tired to even memorize the lines from The Importance of Being Ernest.

My mind seems to be writing pages of essay on its on, unable to stop. It keeps on repeating:-
Sir, I love you more than word can wield the matter,
Dearer than eyesight, space, and liberty... blah blah blah

Know what I mean? I think I am going nuts, I might as well eat peanuts and get nuts for my exam... Rhymes cuz I am so into Shakespeare's now!!! Grrr...

I think I am a nerd. Or maybe I am an actor trying to memorize lines that different actors ought to remember.