Friday, 22 June 2007

so much things to little time!!!

It seems like a chapter of our lives is about to end and another one is about to begin. I finally secured a place in one of the most prestigious universities in Malaysia that is University Malaya. Some of my friends got UKM, UPM and USM. Sad to say, most of us are going different path now :( Unfortunately for Chin Eng and Meen Yee, Yong Feng and Ban Loong, Mun Pan and Li Soon...these love birds will be very very far apart. It is hard to keep a long distance relationship, it takes lots of effort and commitment. But, absence makes the heart grows fonder right??? I mean they will be all lovey-dovey when they meet up...oh so sweet!!! But it may also be out of sight out of mind :P evil of me for saying such sentence!

Going to Uni is a whole new experience! But then, getting those documents ready, get Wakil Rakyat to sign those papers, opening acc in Bank Islam, going for body check-up, buy attire, shoes...etc etc takes so much of my time. It juz so much to little time.

So, here's the thing I must do tomorrow:
- go for medical check-up.

Sounds like not much to!!!

Friday, 15 June 2007

think you know yourself?? try this..

Life is a voyage of self-discovery. Along the way, you might think you know yourself more than others do. But then again, with all the obstacles and hardship we gone through, sometimes we even lose our identity and we find it again in the other path of life.

So, if confusion is your middle name or you feel pointless bout your life, it wouldn't hurt to try this psychology test...This is what i tried in friendster bulletin board today:

Choose either one:
1) Black or white: white
2) Coffee or softdrinks: coffee
3)Moon or stars: stars
4)TV or radio: TV
5)Sugar or spice: sugar
6)Dogs or cats: dogs
7)Ninja or pirate: pirate

Answer reflects:
1) BLACK- You love the crowd.a partyanimal! Too many friends you cannot easily tell which among them is real and not.
WHITE- Mysterious.often times,a loner.You know your true friends and only them are allowed to understand the real you.

2)COFFEE- You hide your emotions.Sometimes pretending to be always happy.Sometimes, not giving even a hint of what you really feel.
SOFTDRINKS- You are usually expressive.Open about your emotions and most of the time willing to talk about it.

3)MOON-You love may flirt along and people think you are a playboy/playgirl but the truth is: your heart belongs to only one.
STARS- You search for are a hopeless romantic and everytime you enter a relationship,you give your all and believe this is the One.

4)TV- You have so many ideas in mind.You are creative and aggressive!If you want something, you will do anything to get it!
RADIO- You appreciate simple things inlife.You hate complicating things that is why you are typically up-front in any aspect.

5)SUGAR- You are an ideal boyfriend/girlfriend.You do not care if your partner does not really love you as long as you love him.You give your all.
SPICE- You are a stubborn sweetheart. You love him/her onlybecause he/she loves you. If his/her flame puts out, you let go with no trouble.

6) DOGS- You are intimidating! People have an impression that you are elite or if not, you simply look sophisticated. You gain praises but not companions.
CATS- You are undoubtedly good-natured! Most of the time, people are confident to approach you because theyknow you will consider them.

7)NINJA- You love actions with the hero-like taste! You focus on your strengths and use them to protect person or people/things that are important to you.
PIRATE- You are independent!You are also risky just like the pirates who sail in the vast and dangerous ocean to look for treasures.

Hmmm...this psychology test turned out to be very true. It does reflects the real me. Yeah, I'm mysterious and a loner bcuz i don't open up myself to everyone. I only let those friends that are trustworthy to share things that are important to me. Right now, I'm not searching for love cuz I'm taking my time off of this relationship thingy. It drains people's energy and I feel that I'm better off alone. I don't want to ride any emotional roller coaster anymore...not until I'm ready.

I'm a pisces and most pisces are hopeless romantic but I'm not good in expressing my feelings. I can talk bout many things but I'm juz not good in opening myself up. I gotta learn that sooner or later...

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

crazy bout those ladybird...ladybug...

I ate a bar of chocolate and a stick of ice-cream 1 hour after my lunch today. Afraid that I'll become da next fatty-bom-bom, I decided to do gardening since I couldn't stand seeing those grass growing on my pot of plants. While i was doing my gardening, i spotted one cute ladybird on the leaf of my duno-what-plant :)... then i started to play with it...the more i play with it, the more excited I'm...gosh...i'm so so lame!!! I actually like turning it over up side down...I'll laugh when i see it having difficulty turning itself to it's original position...oh, i'm so so cruel.

Out of curiosity, I went to search for other ladybirds. Then i started to line it up so they will go here and there like a train. I wonder why they call ladybird sumtimes as ladybug...are they all females or they named them ladybug simply because ladies like to bug people?? interesting!!!

I found this on my neighbour's plant. Wow, so many awful! I can even feel goosebumps on my skin!!! I finally went into my house...wash my hand n blog bout it now. I SWEAR I WON'T PLAY WITH LADYBIRDS ANYMORE!!!

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Every dewdrop and raindrop has a whole heaven within our Earth!!!

I was sitting on the sofa staring at the majestic clear blue sky. The afternoon sun illuminated the whole place casting reassuring shadow of my neighbour's mango tree. It was one of those sweltering hot day in this tropical country. I focus back my gaze on Evanescence's MTV 'Lithium' and I can't stop visualizing myself being in her place - her cold, dark. mysterious place.

It's really hot outside. It's undoubtedly that human activities are causing the climate to change. We are so wrong when we once thought that Malaysia's vastness of tropical rainforest, highlands, seas and freshwater ecosystem will have no problem in absorbing those heat-trapping-polluting gasses without significant consequences. In conjunction with the World Environment Day 2007, more and more individuals are exposed on how human activities such as deforestation, open burning and the rubbish we dump are affecting the Earth's biodiversity. Of course, development is inevitable and the least we can do is try to reduce our waste to sustain the environment so that there'll only be more for everyone in the future.

With regard to this, some of the readers of The Star newspaper pledge to practice recycling, car pooling, etc etc to show support for the World Environment Day 2007. It seems like everyone is doing their part to save the environment and I wana be part of da crowd too!!!

Therefore, from yesterday onwards till da day I'm going to Uni, I'm going to sleep in my mom's room together with my bro and sis to reduce the usage of electricity and air-conditioner. It's a big sacrifice cuz I've to line the cushion on the floor or else I'll have to place to crush. Heck, I even woke up at the wee hours when my sis kicked her stuffed animal down her bed and landed on my face! Worst of all, my bro's alarm clock started making noise on 5.30a.m. when I'm suppose to wake up on 7a.m. :( :( :(

From today onwards, I'm going to use the water I use to wash veggie everyday to water my plants. My plants will benefit from those water soluble vitamins and might grow taller and flower more often. Wow, so nourishing!!!

Hmmm... maybe I should give my friends plants instead of other birthday gifts. More plants = more oxygen :) :) and by da time I'll lose more of my friends... muahahaha. I guess, moderation is the key to everything.

Saturday, 9 June 2007

The Greatest of All Treasures

To-morrow, and tomorrow and tomorrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day
To the last syllable of recorded time,
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out brief candle!
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more; it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury
Signifying nothing.
Life's Brief Candle is an extract from the Shakespearean play called Macbeth. In that play, Macbeth who is the new King of Scotland is getting ready for a battle with the English and Scottish soldiers was informed of his Queen's death. He feels sad and devastated because his Queen is no longer there to support him through his good times and bad times...He can no longer shares his glory with her. He sees his future as meaningless and that's where he compares his life to a candle - a symbol of the temporary nature of life which is brief.
All the world's a stage and all the men and women are merely players. They have their exits and their entrances and one man in his lifetime plays many parts and some of it includes dealing with loss just like Macbeth.
I used to believe that inherent with the word loss was the implication that what is lost can be found. For instance, a gambler losses his bet in a game and recovers back his vast fortune in his next game, a boy cries over the loss of his lollipop when his friend snatched it from him then shouts with laughter when his mother bought another 3 for him.
Last October I lost another much more beautiful treasure...he's my father. He's the one that gave life to me (by contributing a sperm), help me to go through puberty, tolerated with me rebellious nature, colour my life with love and his never-ending lectures. He's the fiery gem among the colourless stones that've made up my world. Unfortunately, he lost his battle to his renal disease :( "sob...sob"
He left behind his precious yellow Ford Courier to me. His car has been like a father figure to me. It really breaks my heart when I got to let go of the car. The car and I have been through lots of good times and bad times. It was him who lent me a stering (is da word right??) when i needed a good cry to cope with my father's illness. It was him who transported my father to do his AV Fistula. Such a good car:) He has been my pillar of strength all this while. I cried like a kid on 6th June when i gave da car keys to da 2nd hand car dealer. It's like me betraying the car and the betrayal is so profound :(
My father is right. Life is not always a smooth sail and we shouldn't let our emotions get the better of us. We might not able to change how things might end but we can change on how we think bout it. There are many treasures is this world...we might as well cherish them now.

Sunday, 3 June 2007

The Blind Spot

Your eyes are not only the window to your soul. They speak volumes about your social life and tendencies in romance. It's called the ancient Chinese art of face reading. If your eyes are large, you mostly are the party type who have no problem in meeting new people and are confident enough to express your views. On the other hand, if you're endowed with small eyes, you might be the shy kind who prefers to watch others rather than get right into the thick of the scene. Surely there will be some exceptions in this reading, believing it or not is up to you cuz I'll not be held responsible for triggering any emotional-upheaval after reading this piece of blog.

According to the renowned Leonardo da Vinci (is da spelling right??), the eyes are the mirror of the soul simply because they show how you feel inside. Open eyes convey belief in oneself... The eyes is so powerful not only because it's a sensory organ for light but because by looking at the pair of eyes, even the dead can speak on whether they are being murdered or they die naturally because of a disease. Curious to know more?? Find it out yourself or watch it in CSI or NCIS...if you're lucky enough maybe they will show you this:)

The eyes might be a powerful organ but as powerful as it may seem, our naked eyes still have some limitations such as we are unable to see microscopic organisms without the help of the microscope. Sometimes, even our eyes fail us when we didn't see any cars behind of us and end up banging dat car:( Yeah, blame it all on the blindspot.

I watched Grey's Anatomy today (repeat) and yeah da show did mention blindspot. A kid's nanny accidently caused the child to be hospitalised with serios injuries becuz she didn't see that she was behind her SUV...hmmm...blindspot...aiseh. To my dissapointment, the child's mother didn't even know her daughter's bloodtype which is A- and what her daughter ate as breakfast. Haiz, so much for having a child and a busy lifestyle to cope with.

The husband even blamed his wife for not looking after her own daughter for even 5 minutes. Women always get blame for something like this because they are responsible to take care of the child since ancient times. It makes me wonder why some people decided to have a child when they're not ready to care for their baby?

Okay, so maybe there's no family planning. But, what bout the teenagers?? The number of teenagers getting pregnant before their marriage is increasing in an alarming rate now. My friends and I used to have a very interesting discussion on this topic. The guys will say, "It's the females fault...They wear sexy clothing that lure us into doing this." Some of them will say, "Females nowadays are cheap...they let their BF touch them all over the place." Those females will say, " The guys too hamsap lar."

Girls may not be that angelic. They too are humans with sexual do guys. Being able to control one's sexual needs is what make u a highly respected man and women. Practice abstinence if you're not ready to have any babies.