Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Li Chin's Birthday Celebration Part 1

I have always wanted a special someone in my life to celebrate each passing moments with me with pampering dinner and with us exchanging words of love. I want his eyes all on me and to say with a sincere heart how beautiful I am everyday and that he feels he is blessed to have me and now he's a whole person. I'll be very very happy if on every special occasion he gives me a teddy bear so that even he's not there with me for a second in my life, the teddy bear is going to accompany me on his behalf. Wow, I would be on cloud nine if he gives me a bouquet of flowers too!

Let's go straight to the point without me making y'all go merry-go-round. I celebrated my birthday with a guy. Everything was going according to what I'd described above except that we did not have a relationship more than a friend so we did not exchange those words of love also. Let's name this guy Keagon.

He had given me hints 1 week before that he was going to bring me to a restaurant somewhere. On my birthday eve, he brought me to NiuZeXui. Wow, I liked the place pretty much because it was as if I celebrated my birthday in mini Disneyland.

It's pathetic though that I didn't become his main focus on that day itself. He was going around with his camera taking photos. It was as if he was enjoying his moment at the mini Disneyland too.

He was forever with his camera but he didn't take any picture of me. What to do, Daisy Duck was more attractive or even cuter than Li Chin the human.

We spent our time walking because I told him I was not hungry yet but he had a weird hunger for cute things like this fat cat outside a shop.

All he gave me was a picture of many pots of flowers on my birthday and imagine how my beautiful day-dream became a living funny scene!!! I should never wish next time!

Then, he brought me to "Full House". I was day dreaming about teddy bears and now they had teddy bears in the restaurant itself lying and sitting around like they were welcoming us. No wonder it's called "Full House". It was indeed a house fulled with stuffed toys.

I ate a plate of fish and chips and there he was smiling commenting how I ate like a 'kampung' lady. See, instead of getting flattery words, all I got was people saying me I ate like kampung lady.

It was as if not embarrassing enough that he had to snap pictures on how I'd done my eating. This fellar!!!

And this was the coffee I drank. Not bad, nice!!! Cuz the bills were on him, that's the greatest part of all.

We stumbled across this Mamma Mia thing before we walked back to his car. The funniest thing of all, he called his Naza Suria as Keagon and the guy that went out with me, he's William, not Keagon.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Look Who's Wishing... =)

How successful I am the previous year depends on the number of people wishing me "HAPPY BIRTHDAY."

I know this sound a bit stupid, funny, childish or whatever you call it. I have my reason for it though. It's because they value me as a friend so they took their time and effort to wish me a simple birthday wish.

Below are the people who have wished me:

1. Hui Yee
Happy Birthday
2. Ben Ji
Wishing you a wonderful and happy birthday
3. Dewi Izlin
Happy Birthday
4. Kah Hong
Happy Birthday

5. Sin Yi
Hey sweetie...Happy Birthday
6. Ivan Fam
Happy Birthday
7. Kudret
Happy Birthday
8. the sexy lady, Amy Chin
Happy Birthday, be more mature ya, hahaha. Keep the fun going.
9. Wern Lie
Happy Birthday gal...all the best.
10.Curry Egg
Wow...Li Chin. It is your b'day today? Great! Luckily I didn't miss this. Happy Birthday to you. Big girl d...guai guai oh.
11.Wen Ping
Hey gurl...Happy Birthday o
12.Janet Teng
happy birthday!
13.Zhong Weng
Happy birthday licin natalie tan!
14. Isil Turkmen
Happy birthdayyy :D
15. Ken Keong Lee
Happy Birthday
16. Clowern
Girl, Happy Birthday! Stay pretty always.
17. Ng Che Ping
Happy Birthday to you. have fun and be happy alwez.
18. Edward Tan
Happy Birthday...enjoy ur celebration yeah!

19. Alan Ho
Happy Birthday
20. Mei Kei
Happy Birthday
21. Kee Aun
Happy Birthday

22. Prosperous
Jeh Jeh, happy birthday. wow wow wow love, prosperous.
23. 012968xxxx
Happy b'day mama! Make a wish and may your dream comes true...All the best!
24. Winnie
send you an angel 4 special protection + blessing 4 a better day ahead. happy birthday!
25. Han Fu
Hoi, leng lui mama, hapi hapi birthday lo...hehe~
26. Tze Siang
Li Chin mama, happy birthday ya! wish u bcumin mo lenglui, mo sexy, mo happy, mo healthy, n much mo...hehe ;-)
27. Ming Yan
yo, happy b'day mama. stay happy n cool alwez hehe^^
28. Chee Hoe
happy birthday=) my dear^^ muak=)
29. Khai Ling
happy b'day to leng lui Li Chin...~:-)
30. Elaine
happy birthday wife :-) sorry i couldn't make it to the steamboat! many happy returns:-)
31. Chicky Ming
li chin ah ma, happy birthday. all the best n alwez beautiful.
32. Tze Wei
Happy birthday mama~~~ may all the dreams come true! sry 4 vy late greeting...
33. Xue Fang
Happy birthday to u. sry 4 da late!
34. Ashley
Hapi birthday mommy!
35. Shian Feng
oh smooth tan! today ur birthday ka? happy birthday leh! hope your face smoother than sand paper la!;)
36. Huei Minn
Hey...happy birthday...big girl dy lo..haha..wish u all the best n happy owez..take care.
37. Lih Yoong
happy birthday to u!!! li chin, may u hv a great achievement in ur future undertakings. be happy n stay healthy always.
38. Arul
oh ya, happy birthday sunshine, i got it rite tis time din't i? ya, i brought ur saree.
39. Poay Hoon
Happy Birthday o!
40. Jia Rin
Happy birthday...big girl dy...hehe...
happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy 2 li chin happy birthday to u. happy b'day n we love you.
42. Hong Zheng
hey... 2day ur b'day ka? juz now no credit jo.. juz reload ny.. :) happy birthday ya..
43. Fish Kee
this is magic! press down 7 times u'll b cute!...........at ur age u still bliv u'll cute ar? hello!? wake up lah..happy birthday ya.
44. William
Happy birthday n gd nite
45. Yong Feng
Happy Birthday!
ha ha ha ..... happy birthday to you! happy birthday to my dear friend... Make a wish! May ur dreams all come true... Cheer : )

47. Anna Louis Tan Ling Ling
Happy Birthday, Li Chin. Hahahaha. ### and she messed up my hair!!!###
48. Jessica Insulting
Happy Birthday...hahaha...it must be da cake, it must be da cake!
49. Gui Chan
Happy Birthday ### Gui Chan has to kiss the cake as well yesterday###

Another list will be in the next post...:)

Sunday, 22 February 2009

When Picture Speaks

Life is one big gamble. You get the good cards but most of the time you get the bad cards. You don't always win with good cards and yet, sometimes you win with your bad cards. So...
The more you play, the more skillful you are... When the stakes are high, it's either you win big or you lose it all...

Humans come in many different shapes and sizes. You feel that you are not good enough and thus you compare yourself with other John and Jane Does. You make yourself aware of your weaknesses. Your affective filters ( fear, anxiety, etc ) are high and this has lowered down your own performance. In the end, you lose yourself and your own identity. So are you good enough when you don't know who you are?
If we are disabled in an area, we are abled in another area. No one is perfect.

Chess is a game of destruction. One wrong move, you sacrifice something and you're a loser.
But mistakes are not like a chess game. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

If I don't do my assignment, that is because I'm busy. If you don't do your assignment, that is because you're lazy! And you feel discontented with everyone because they are not like you...
Peace comes from within and no one is born to meet your expectations.

We stare so long at the closed door and we don't notice another door that is wide open to welcome us...
Aiya, like Chinese maxim "If the old one doesn't go, the new ones won't come." Typical Chinese saying but holds the truth to a certain extend.

We learnt problem solving skills since we were young. When our nappies were wet (problem), we cry loudly to get our nappies changed (solution).
Learn to take life in a stride. Don't worry, BE BABY.

Everyone has a skeleton in their closet. Things happen for a reason and sometimes it's a blessing out of disguise.
It's never too late to mend.

The eyes are made to look out and not to look in. Therefore, ...
Realization comes in the form of reflection.

Life itself is a parody.
Why must you deprive yourself of happiness when you know you ought to have happiness?

Friday, 20 February 2009

I miss him

I am down... I feel like crying... I miss my father so much....

God, can you please give my father back to me?

I want him so much...

Monday, 16 February 2009

I'm a Greedy Bitch which is Generous. I'm OXYMORON!

Humans are basically greedy. They are a predator in their own lives, preying on their dreams, desires, ambitions, goals, etc. At the same time, they are preys for their own greed, success, recognition. We are never satisfied with our way of living. When we possess something, we feel that other things are better. There, the famous maxim goes "The grass is always greener on the other side."

Like other human beings, I wish I have the ability to bend time. Let's just say, I'm not greedy to ask for more than 24 hours a day, but I am greedy having to want 24 hours a day when I have heaps of assignments to be done, having great time with my friends and so on, generous enough to give my extra hours to someone when I have a boring time. Isn't it great to have transfer of hours? It's like when your friend is having an exam and he needs the extra hours, wouldn't it be great if he can have the hours of yours and you have the hours of his when he's free and you are busy?

Hmmm...I think it will be complicated in that way. Take me for example, I am not calculative and I am not good in Maths so in the long run I will be confused on how many hours do one owe me and how many hours do I owe them. Exam time will go haywire because people either will arrive late or early due to the difference in one's time. I would say God has given what he thinks the best. The best thing to do is to manage my time and not to be overly creative to think of something impossible which consumes much of my time.

It's 2.32pm. My assignments are as boundless as the sea. If only I could make artificial day out of real night... I'm so over exerting my situation.

Here's the thing. I do have heaps of assignments to do but they aren't as boundless as the sea.

Here's my hatelist:
1) Language Learning and Language Use assignment which is going to due this Thursday.
2) Teaching Drama assignment on Romeo and Juliet which will make me speak all types of Shakespearen if I'm going to delve deep into it. This assignment has met its deadline and I'm here babbling bout it.
3) Teaching Drama assignment of Triffles and A Jury of Her Peers. The deadline is tomorrow and I haven't even touched on it!!!
4) Etika Perguruan assignment which I know nuts about what I'm going to do. Deadline is before April Fool to remind me this is real and it's not a prank or something which means I gotta get my hands or fingers on it soon.
5) Drama 1 assignment on Shakespearean Language. Okay, after this I can tell everyone proudly that I have gone in depth about reading Shakespearean works.

Fine, all heavy assignments. I have the soul of a lead!

Before the beginning of the semester, I was altogether too free and I wished I had more to do. Now, am I satisfied with this waves of assignments that will drown me any minute? No! Next time, I am not going to wish. Remind me or else I'll have to tattooed it on my eyelids.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Beautiful Stranger

He was clad in his faded red tee that subtly accentuating his well-toned arms. His body hugging, vintage style of clothing made me stole glances admiring his sexy back. Awwww, the afternoon sun was shining on his beautifully suntanned skin making me salivating eventhough this guy wearing the most primitive type of flip-flops.

Before thy name spoken,
we parted.
In silence shall I wait,
I secret shall we meet.

Monday, 2 February 2009

The sky is falling!

It's full moon!

And so were all the other thoughts in my head when I see her warming up her chair to 37 degree Centigrade for more than 2 hours without her laptop blasting with Big Bang's songs- her latest addiction. She's plainly doing her assignment!

Maybe she's not my roommate. Maybe she's some kind of imposter.

If it's full moon today, she might act weird cuz she's turning into a werewolf!

Okay, if she's really my roommate...I might as well do something to distract and irritate her.

I will listen to my latest addiction over and over again. It's One Republic's All Fall Down.

All Fall Down Lyrics

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Going back...

Good time passes quickly. Moments with friends were filled laughter, moments with family were filled with so much love, hugs and kisses. There's always a goodbye. Maybe in a couple of more years I'll have wrinkles on my face, reminiscing about the good old days and I'll smile wryly at those precious fragments of memories.

In another 27 days I'm going to be in the wilderness, setting up the tent, cooking food using dried branches from the woods, drinking water from the river, etc. So, if suddenly I am lost somewhere and never ever got back to the right trail, there's nothing to be regretted coz I've tasted life.

Tomorrow I'll be going back to KL living the same mundane life. It's such a routine having to go to class everyday at the same time, taking out the same books, eating at the same cafetaria with same kind of dishes. It's so troublesome having to choose the kind of clothing to wear. These few days I had been hoping that I'm in secondary school again, I long to wear my pinafore to school.

Wouldn't it be great if we were allowed to wear completely anything to the faculty? Like if we were to wake up late, we arrived in lecture hall with our pyjamas. I think it would be fun if we have a different dress codes every day. For instance, Monday is pyjamas day, Tuesday is geeks day, Wednesday is punk style day and so on. Then, life in university is indeed a party.

Yeah, I'm going back tomorrow. I'll have no one to welcome me like Prosperous when I reach the place I live. I'll have no TV to watch or any place to go whe I am bored. I'll have no distraction and I'll be able to finish my assignments.