Tuesday, 18 December 2007

how time flies

It's amazing when you get notice how the time flies. I got back from KL a month ago and today it's time for me to get back to KL. It makes me feel so empty and cold when I got to leave my own family for studies in some other place and that place is KL which is 2 and the half hours drive from Kuantan. I know it's near but the thought of leaving your own coccoon is overwhelming :(

It is just so different now. You see different people in university and when you get back to your hometown you see the changes in your former schoolmates. Things that we have shared are just about the life in university. You won't come across us chatting about the hotty, guys and relationships. Yeah, people change. I know.

I don't have any idea when I'm going to come back to Kuantan. Next semester will be draining most of my energy - 19 credit hours in a week...what do you expect? I shall earn my own pocket money. Finding a job and coping with the hectic schedule is a must. It's going to be tough next year. Hopefully, with the increasing pressure I'll be able to shed the extra pounds I've gained during my stay in my current residential college.

Just the thought of leaving everything that's familiar to me makes me feel so empty... Really empty and lonely.