Sunday, 29 November 2009

That Red Cheongsam

Today, I donned myself in a beautiful, red cheongsam belonged to my mother when she was at my age. I chose to blog this not because it was my first time ever donning on a cheongsam. It was more than that-- something more valuable than the feeling of the expensive silk on my body. It was nonetheless the picture of my mom's physique when she was an adolescent. A realization that we share so much more than that dark brown hair and short eyelashes, but almost the same figure. Looking at myself at my own reflection, was like seeing my own mom when she was younger.

Undoubtedly, sometimes differences set us apart. Differences in thoughts are the most obvious one. When she drove down to Kuala Lumpur to fetch me and my loaded luggages, we argued a lot about which way to take in order to be on our journey back to the resort we were staying. Luckily, all those heated moment are always short-lived. Throughout my years in my high school, the essays about social problems among teenagers were compelled to write, made me realized now, the stupidity of some teenagers that are unable to see pass those emotional roller coaster they are having in their mind. If only they are able to see clearly how family are related more than just the genes we share, maybe news about teenagers running away from homes will not cloud the pages of the newspapers again. It takes time to realize this, like me taking time to realize that my mom and I share so much in common.

Lastly, I have to admit that, for once I am proud that I have inherited the small waist from my mom. That cheongsam most probably looked tight on some parts on my body because sometimes assets evolve and becomes better from generations to generations :)And looking at her now, is like looking how I'd most probably look like in years to come. Ahh...

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Curls Cuz It's Sexy!

The thing about human is that they are fickle minded. I am a great embodiment of this trait.

I have been wanting curls for my hair since I graduated from Form 6. Before the semester break, my wish was granted although it's a little late cuz I had been waiting for this change of hairstyle for 3 years. Hilary Duff looks great with either her brunette curls or her original blond curls, Piper Perabo in Coyote Ugly was ever sweet with her loose curls, I bet she's still sweet now and Olivia Wilde is stunning with loose curls too. Whoa, who am I kidding? They are celebrities. They always look great!!! While me? I know I can carry all kind of hairstyles as long as my hair is long and my fringe isn't too short. Above was the hairstyle after a few hours of my newly permed hair.

Last semester break, I'd been interviewing almost everyone about permed hair. How manageable is it? Will those products like hair mousse, gel, hair spray, etc strip away all the moisture making the hair dry? Do you like your hair straight or curly? So, this was how my hair looked like on the third day. While taking this picture, I was actually reminiscing back to what my former schoolmate, Thiam Hui told me about permed hair. She said her hair actually looked like crazy woman after she woke up from her blissful sleep. At that moment, contentment was all that I felt that my hair didn't actually turn out like what Thiam Hui had described. That was only on the third day though. 2 and a half day to be exact.

On Thursday evening, all hell broke loose. Nightmare crept in. I received a last minute message from my friend about the gathering at night. Every girl wants to look at their best when meeting up with their former schoolmates right? So, I wore the blouse that always looks good on me. Unfortunately, that didn't do the trick. Hair was the problem. I wet my hair hoping that the water would re-energize all the chemicals on my hair. Gosh, no matter how I twist, it was still omigod bad!!!

The next day, my loose curls reared its ugly head again. On the fifth day, I was so tired of my hair. I finally got the feeling of bad hair day. All these while, I inherited my father's hair gene-- straight and manageable. I regretted that I permed my hair, stripped my hair from its right for moisture. It was dry and brittle and limp! Lifeless...

After washing my hair, I took the hairstylist advice to blow dry my hair but then all my curls became frizzy. Again, I experienced some sort of ugly hairstyle. My mom even asked me, "Hey, didn't you comb your hair?" I answered, "Um...nope. I'm afraid my RM250 hair won't be curly afterthat. That salon is is PJ so I'll have to waste another RM44 if I were to take a bus to KL to get my hair fixed." The above picture was actually taken after I learnt how my hair should be treated.

My confident smile showed that I was actually satisfied with how my curls turn out. It was actually quite different from the first day but it was still better than those days I experienced bad hair days. It was indeed beautiful.

Now that I am satisfied with how it turned out to be, I am ever grateful that I permed my hair in Jaya One with a student price of RM250 with treatment and haircut. The whole procedure of hair perming was actually quite funny though. I actually forced myself not to laugh when my head looked as if it had been attacked by a big giant octopus. No offence to the hair salon.

What he did was actually set perm. Yes, it's a he. I was actually enjoying the 4 hours being at the salon with a male hairstylist playing with my hair :) He used the big curler and then attached it my hair to some sort of machine to heat my hair causing the protein structure (keratin i think, if my knowledge of Biology is still good) in my hair to change. And that's why my head was like being attacked by a black octopus. The tentacles I imagined was actually my strands of hair.

I went to Element (name of that hair salon) for this. Right now, I'll only put on mousse when I am going out for an outing or when I feel my hair needs it or otherwise my hair will be hard and dry. I'll settle for Schwarzkoph hair serum now. Healthier for my hair, happier for me :)

So, if my hair turns out different every time I wash my hair, it's great right? Yeah, definitely! A reassuring word from me.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Sculpt or Should I Say Kepping Scores...

Like any other guys, I love looking at beautiful girls. The first thing that catches my attention will be their physique. If they are endowed with slender figure with beautiful sculpted arms and not protruding tummy, I'll hence direct my gaze to their face. I am a female but I normally do what guys always do except that I do not drool over a hottie but I keep scores with them. "She's pretty but ahh...too bad, she has bad skin...damn like me!!!" or "Wow, she has curves at the right place...gosh!!! she's better than me." or "I know she is pretty but her thighs are huge. I'm totally way better than her." so on and so forth.

When it comes to keeping scores, most of the girls I know have considerable expertise. So, I know whenever I walk out of my house, I am moving out from my own comfort zone where I am a victim of girls' prowling eyes, vulnerable to their sarcastic remarks. Sitting down here, doing what I love to do, is not that healthy. Every second I am risking myself with a ballooning tummy with compressed mark (yup, mind you...not stretch mark but compressed mark). I need get rid of my bulging tummy and tone my waist. 25" is the way to go!!! From this moment onwards, I'll train myself to do 50 times sit up every morning and every night.

My thighs, according to my roomie, it's becoming more like Beyonce's which is sexy but according to me when it comes to my height, it's not. Welcome to the world of ladies, where we play with Maths that is beyond numbers. When something expands in size, the height has to heightened, only that it can be labeled proportionate. The picture above is my thigh. Unfortunately, it's 20" already! I am not going to be extra ambitious. I am going to sculpt it to 19.5" with more leg massage and exercise.

OMG this is downright flabby! I understand that the bigger your boobs are, the bigger your arms will get. So mine is not proportionate at all. It's 10" now and by hook or by crook, I'll tone it down to 9.5".

Hey, I am not aneroxic but when it comes to fashion or beauty, I'm a vain for it. This post might be a sensitive issue for some girls out there but this is mainly about me. Therefore, Natalie TLC shall not be held responsible for any emotional upheaval from reading this post. My statement might be flawed but this is my blog, any statement that is deemed hurtful is perfectly unintentional.

Still, I am not going to cut down on what I eat because I enjoy food. This point itself proves that I am not having any eating disorder.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

The Clock Was Menacingly Ticking

Scrolling down to see the last time I've published my post made me realized that I've not been updating my blog for awhile. I even had the thoughts of putting a full stop to my days of blogging. I didn't do that... I think that was just me being a bit depressed (depressed is just too serious here) or should I say really stressed up over the workload back in campus. But the Kuantan gal is back in Kuantan-- the slower-paced city with plenty of time for me to rejuvenate and of course, BLOG!

A month ago I was actually racing against time. I decided to challenge myself by joining the Performance Bureau of Pesta Tanglung Universiti Malaya (Lantern Festival in University of Malaya)and I took up rhythmic gymnastics as my extra-curricular activity. So the list of things to do keep piling up till the point that it became the list of things I dread to do.

During the nights of September, when everyone was sitting right in front of their desks watching their favourite entertainment programmes or studying, I turned up for something more than a good sweat at dance practice, got scolded for quite a number of times for looking blur. It was really an excruciating experience where dancing turned out to be something I hate when it supposed to be something I love.

So why did it has to be so stressful? It was a performance ala High School Musical except that the songs are all in Chinese and did I mention that I don't read Chinese? In the silence of my room, when my roommates were sleeping blissfully, I woke up reading the translated lyrics (han yu pin yin) with earphones clung on my ears. I sang without deciphering the lyrics. Looking at the deadlines of the things I had yet to get my hands on, I felt suffocated and in extreme regret that for the hectic life I'd signed up. Watching the clock ticking menacingly drove me mad. Aside from the strenuous training, I was in-charge of the 3 choreographies for Rhythmic Gymnastics. I was in need for more and more cups of caffeine. The aromatic smell of my white coffee and the sensation it gave when it went down my throat calmed my nerves.

The list constantly grew at an alarming rate. Waves of assignments by different lecturers hit me like tsunami. I was worried whether I'd be drowned if I was hit by another wave of assignment. At the back of my head, I was thinking, "When will this ever end?" and yet I know by the early of November all the deadlines clouding my mind will be 'poof!' gone!

I am proud of myself that I manage to persevere till the end of it. Now that I managed to slow down my pace to breathe a breath of fresh air, I am risking myself with a ballooning tummy and a chubbier face. The next post I am going to write about will be me losing some weight although I know I am not fat. I do it merely for a better figure.