Friday, 26 September 2008

My Dull Holiday

I think this will just be another unenjoyable, tiring and lifeless holiday. Because it's so dull, I decided to make my life just a bit colourful. I made a schedule on what I've to do for this whole raya holiday. At least the schedule is colourful enough to make my life seems Oo-La-La.

Yeah, Oo-La-La with 5 assignments to do. Mind you, Bill Templer's assignment takes days to finish!!! It takes more than 20 sheets of papers to print out his assignment. Writing assignment 1500 words to 2000 words...pathetically interesting! Psychology report, is a time-consuming assignment too because it takes time to really understand the behaviorism theory I'm doing. Reading lesson plan...arghhh!!! It's a holiday with tonnes of assignments!, work and work till 12a.m. and I wonder how did Kee Aun manage to finish his assignment before the deadline. He's sooooo productive!!!

Hopefully, I've the will to follow my own schedule.

I'm a good planner but a bad follower...

My Family 1st Outing.

For a bunch of us who are living far from home, we turn to our friends to make each day more bearable. Being an undergraduate isn't a bed of roses. Most of the time, we struggle for our assignments, test, presentations and so on.

Luckily, we've this KKKC thing in our residential college. We group ourselves up to build up many families and I am in the 6th family - The Renowned Orange Banana Family. We, seniors, are the parents and the juniors are our children. Nice right?

This is our first family outing to celebrate Janet and Chee Hoe's birthday. Yeah, most of the time we go for outings so that we can bond with each other just like what other real families do.

We were walking out from our residential college. That guy jumping up like chicken little is my son, Zhi Xiang (I duno whether the spelling is correct or not).

That's my husband, Chee Hoe and my daughter, Ai Mei Jiao ( that's not the real name, though ). My husband likes to camwhore ... I think a better term is cam-gigolo? (giggles)

We were acting like zombies is KFC. Yeah, I have forgotten to mention that we really like to SSGG ( syok sendiri gao gao ). Yeah, they inherited this craziness from the family.

Sitting across the table is my another husband, Kai Ling. My other husband (the one holding the phone) is Kai Hong. They are the Kai-Kai brothers.

The one busy chatting with someone special on the phone is Kee Aun, my husband too. All together, I've 4 husbands and I've one wife too :)

Fuiyoo, the abnormal effect taken up by Kee Aun's camera. It's good cuz we are bunch of kids with abnormal minds so the pictures are also abnormal lor.

We were having so much fun near the petrol station.

Chee Hoe was so dirty that no one even wana be near him. We know he's desperate for hugs so that he can give us the loving cream. We don't like hugs from creamy monster.

Why we call ourselves as Orange Banana? Orange are for those who knows how to read chinese. As for me, my wife and Kee Aun we are disabled people who do not know how to read chinese. Therefore, we are the bananas.

Monday, 22 September 2008

At This Hour

Today has been a long busy and tiring day! I feel lousy, maybe because of Monday blues and today's critical thinking class has taken a toll on my day. Why? Okay, let me enlighten y'all in the next paragraph.

I used to feel that marriage is a wonderful thing. It binds two hearts together in the name of commitment. Husband and wife are supposed to work things out and go through the think and thin of life together because of the strong affection they feel for each other. Yes, sometimes spouses have their arguments but arguments spice up our lives rite? It creates tension so that y'all will feel the importance of having each other... I have always felt marriage is a wonderful thing up until that moment in my critical thinking class. One of my friends ( I won't mention the name here) said that we should tie pre-nuptial agreement before marriage to ensure our rights are protected. I don't quite agree with that because it makes marriage seems bussiness-like. Or maybe the fact that I'm too naive... too innocent to believe marriage are able to end up like fairy tales.

After that energy consuming class, I went to the next faculty ( Mr. Bill Templer referred that as the arts and literary island?? ) to have my Neslo. Coffee is just too strong so I orderred Neslo and I ended up with my stomach not feeling very well. I skipped my 1st class (tutorial) for this semester.

I have no time to rest. I went back to my room and have a cup of hot Milo to soothe my stomach and I continue to prepare for my Psychology presentation to discuss it with my friends to the other faculties.

Here I am, waiting at the library for my friends to finish my presentation thingy...but where are they???!!! Dang!

I hate doing assignments with people from other faculties. It makes things difficult for me :(

Let's hope that at 10pm I'll get back to my residential college safely.

...I still feel that is marriage wonderful... :( :( :( :( :(

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Mooncake Festival Celebration

I've always celebrated Mooncake Festival with my family. This year is quite different though. Mooncake Festival was on Sunday so I and my bunch of friends went to Kelana Jaya to have our steamboat together.

It was the 1st time for Arul. She never has never done any steamboating before. We've taken her 1st time:)

This is Anna, The Little Banana, not Wearing BandANNA...rhymes...not bad

This tall, dark and handsome guy is Francis, an international student. He's from.....I've forgotten...better ask Jessica again. Jessica was very playful the other day. She asked Francis to try out the wasabi saying that it's not spicy.

Those two are Fish and her buddy Sangeetha. They are from the mouse family, Mousy Malaya...da scientific lame..

I ended up putting up a night in 7th college.

It was nice playing tiny lanterns in Bukit Cinta and I felt like a child again:)

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Improve on my speaking

My parents are able to speak good English. There was many occasions that my father received honourable compliments from native speakers of English. I guess, there must be some kind of genetic inheritance that makes me end up in UM as a TESLian.

So, out of the blue, I took up some of my time this morning to read through Psychology Chapter 4 about Individual Variation (it talks mainly about IQ). It stated that regardless how high that person's IQ is, if he took his IQ for granted, most likely he will not improve. We should seize whatever opportunities accessible to us in order to improve. That's so so TRUE!!!

It just gave me a revelation.

A child with good genes needs to be nurtured.

From now on, I will:
1) Read aloud in English for 20 to 30 minutes to develop strong mouth muscles so that I wouldn't mispronounce on any words when I am speaking too fast.

2) Commit myself to learn 2 new words each day to improve on my vocabulary.

3) Read newspaper at least twice a week so that I know what's happening around me and I will have more topics to share with others. This will indirectly improve on my interpersonal skills.

4) Listen to only English songs and watch only English movies.

5) Speak only English with my coursemates. Don't let them intimidate me with their fluent way of speaking.

Friday, 12 September 2008

Cam-Whoring in my room

Shoo...Silence please... Roommates are sleeping.

Ouch!!! I poke my eye... ( lame!)

I said my roommates are sleeping...shut up!
No matter what...I still feel the last picture is the best one.

Saturday, 6 September 2008


I thought I had it all,
Love is all I have to give,
To make us last,
Each moment, days, eternally.

Flaws in relationship,
Cracks our heart,
Our cemented bond.

I'm afraid of
My insecurities,
My soul
I dare not exposed.

I am flawed,
So are you,
Like the cracks of crystal.

Tears streamed down my face,
I turned and walk away,
I pretend I don't care,
I pretend I'm not wounded.


A great teacher,
Of time, appreciation,
Things undone.

I shall strive and rise,
For each passing moment.
I watch my hope grows,
Like sunrise at the sea.

I watch my hope fades,
Like sunset at the horizon,
A line differentiates
Realm of eternity.

I shall taste the great wine,
Warming down my throat,
Before I feel myself,
Cold from the icy death.

I shall spread love,
Carving myself,
To their memories.

I shall gaze the stars,
Before they gaze at me
And I gaze
Onto the Earth.

Friday, 5 September 2008

Total Failure

Lately, I feel like I'm a total failure. A failure who's able to end up in the prestigious University of Malaya. What an irony!

I am almost alone most of the time. I feel that I can only click with most people in my faculty. So, when I'm in college, I feel like I am a total freak. I have breakfast alone, dinner alone... I am like a person who's having some kind of dangerous transmitted disease that no one really wanna be near me.

I am not really like what I am now when I was in form 6. What is the significant thing that happened that caused such a significant change in me? The death of my father or that painful memory?