Sunday, 30 November 2008

I don't know that he meant so much to me

There's not a single reply from him.

I think I'm losing him.

I wanna go Kulim...

I think about him every single moment...

I wanna go Kulim...

Is he avoiding me?

If I go Kulim, will he come and see me? Will he?

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Specially Dedicated to You

It was 2 o'clock in the morning. The starry night sky was a paradox to the loneliness that sparked on each shining stars. My mind wandered aimlessly unrestrained by the four concrete walls in my room. My vision was blurred by my teary eyes. My mind was burdened by the sentence and images I played over and over again.

Cruel to the eye, I pictured the way she once meant so much to you. My mind was abusing me. Every vision, every sentence was piercing thru my heart and it made me cried.

I cried because I came to know how much I've let you into my life.

I cried because I care.

I cried because I'm being jealous. I'm the one who's supposed to mean something to you, not her.

I'm sad because I got to know about her not from you but from someone else.

I cried because I'm afraid to lose someone I came to like very much.

I'm crying while writing this because...
I'm a loser,
A fool,
I'm blind.

I suppose to have some faith in you...

I don't know how to lay these in words... I'm a very straight person and I speak from my heart.

I hate the way you got me so intoxicated into you.

Staring into the darkest night,
Mind wanders with a cry,
Fight it with all my might,
Only to know it was a useless try.

You're the thought of the day,
The conclusion to each night,
You're on my mind,
No matter day or night.

You're the Sun,
Penetrating my tears,
Rainbow of reassuring love.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Tonight's Gathering

Hooray to me cuz I've finally got the rhythm back to my life! I'm going to a gathering tonight with my former schoolmates. I'm visualizing the changes in them, the question they are going to ask and whether they are still with their partners or not. No worries, we'll update each other later. I know the 1st question they will be asking me. Gosh, they are just so predictable!

Here I am wondering what should I wear, should I tie my hair or just let my hair down, which stilettos should I wear and things like that. Moi wanna look gorgeous!

So, I have one hour plus to dress myself up.

19:55 - 20:25 Paint my nails
20:25 - 20:40 Shower
20:35 - 20:45 Put on the best looking clothes
20:45 - 21:00 A bit of make-up
21:00 - 23:59 GATHERING

Monday, 24 November 2008

I think I'm blogging nonsense... This has to stop. I will continue blogging only when I have something worthwhile to write.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

I wanna go HERE!!!

I wanted so much to go holidaying in a few places with my friends before the years I spend in university ends. Four years for a course might be still a long way to go but if you found the right group of friends, four years might just be the blink of an eye. I want to savour the moment, to bond with my friends so that my four years are spent with quality not quantity.

Before my third semester ended, I was constantly telling Anna and Alan that I wanted to go Bukit Tinggi the next semester. I have not enough money to go France but at least I still have some money to go Bukit Tinggi to experience a French-like living.

Moreover, it ain't that far from Kuala Lumpur. Shuttle bus is provided for visitors to experience high-hill-French living. Therefore, we don't really have to worry about transport. We only have to worry about how to get there.

This is the Japanese Tea Garden. We can have a cooling breeze walk in the morning. Just imagine the fresh air!!! It's refreshing and rejuvenating.

These are the koi fish in Japanese Tea Garden.

Cute little Leh-Bit in the Rabbit Farm.

More Leh-Bits in the Rabbit Farm.
Transportation : i duno
Accommodation : let's say RM300 per room
Food and drinks : Bring urself
RM300 per person should be enough...I think...I'm not good in Maths, can someone do the calculations for me?

Thursday, 20 November 2008

omg omg!!! CHEERLEADING!!!


Sukacita dimaklumkan bahawa Sukan Universiti ASEAN 2008 akanberlangsung pada 11 hingga 21 Disember 2008 di Kuala Lumpur. Kepada pelajar Universiti Malaya (lelaki dan wanita) yang berminatuntuk menyertai Pasukan Sorak mewakili negara Malaysia, sila berinama saudara/saudari kepada /Cik Nur Fatihah Abdul Rashid (PembantuBelia & Sukan) di kaunter Bahagian Perkhidmatan, Pusat Sukan atauterus menghubungi beliau di talian 019-9162805 atau 03-79674657sebelum 21 November 2008./ _/MAKLUMAT PERSEDIAAN :/_ 8 Disember 2008 - berkumpul di UM 9 - 10 Disember 2008 - Bengkel Pasukan Sorak di Stadium/DewanSerbaguna UPM bagi semua pasukan sorak IPTA. 11 - 21 Disember 2008 - SUA berlangsung 22 Disember 2008 - Persediaan untuk berangkat pulang.

_/Saudara/saudari akan diberikan:/_
1. Sijil Penyertaan dan elaun dari Kementerian Pengajian TinggiMalaysia
2. Elaun latihan sorak RM10.00 sehari. (Sebelum SUA bermula)
3. Penginapan disediakan 4. 2 helai T-shirt dan topi diberi setiap peserta Semoga sokongan saudara/saudari dalam Pasukan Sorak SUA dapatmemberikan semangat dan kejayaan kepada atlit Malaysia. Sekian. Terima kasih. Bahagian Perkhidmatan.

I wanted to participate in this so much but FESENI has to come first :(


The other night, during the examination week, William was asking me some kind of question. He asked, "What would you give me? Choose. Balloon, moon, teddy bear, ring or rainbow?." I answered rainbow and that answer I'd given should be enough to make him happy or in other word syok I think (giggles).

Although he knew the answer behind the question he was asking, I didn't care, so I asked him the same question he had asked. His answer was ring and then moon afterthat rainbow. (Readers: if you dun get it, nvm, you can ask William anytime)

The last day of his exam, he went to 1 Utama and he ended up giving me that the next day. He said " I've found something that look like a rainbow." Although it's a simple little gift, it was enough to brighten my day knowing that he thinks of me even when he's with his friends :)

I told him I can't hang it in my hostel room because they are going to rent it out to people during our semester break and he told me to bring it back and hang it in my own room.

I took this out and 2 days ago but I didn't post this up cuz I was a bit angry William was too busy to reply to my message and also because I'm reminded of what my former roommate has told me. But everything is okay again today...

I wanted to hang it up onto the fan so that I can see it spinning and spinning but I'm a shortie :( I've to rely on the ladder. I went to the other room and brought the heavy ladder into my room.

Done. Like a screwdriver right? or a cyclone? Love cyclone? You guess it urself :P

Food Obsession

When I was in form 6, I used to be like a caterpillar eating all the time without me worrying I'll get fat. Back then, I was so proud of my figure because friends around me were envying me and most of the time they were complaining about their own figure. Maybe there was big pressure landing on me during those yesteryears that caused me to lose huge amount of weight. 48kg to 42kg are kinda huge to me lar...

So, it was this afternoon I realized that I'm fatter :( I can fit into the pants but it was, erm...., it was...TIGHT! Dang!!! Immediately, I went and stared at the mirror. Omigosh, two carrot-like legs!!! Serves me right!!! I've been eating non-stop after my exams and I came home craving for more home-cook, mouth-watering food.

As usual, I eat rice in the morning around 7a.m. plus 1 cup of MILO. Afterthat, tea time, MILO again (friends know I love MILO very much...ya lar, Malaysian Hot Chocolate mar). Lunch time, 1.5 bowl of rice and later in the afternoon MILO again. Then comes dinner, needless to say, rice again ( I know, I know, I'm a 'fan tong' ) and when I'm hungry at night there comes my MAGGI mee. Mom says I eat alot and in the future, if I get to be married, I will eat till my husband goes bankrupt. That is what she says...

I don't want to look at the mirror and see my flabby arms, layers of stomach fat and also cellulite at my thighs. I want to stare at the mirror and mesmerize by myself for a few minutes if not for a couple of cours. I wana wear that pants again but I don't wanna look at those visible carrot-like legs... I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT AND TONE UP MY MUSCLES!!!

Therefore, from tomorrow, I will:
1) Run 2 rounds in the morning and gradually increase it to 5 rounds.
2) Play with hula hoop in the afternoon. Round it about 100 times.
3) Do sit up before I go to bed. Preferably 50 times.
4) Eat lesser. Drink lesser MILO. If I wana drink I should drink MILK.
5) Eat more fruits and drink more water. Hopefully I get diarhea lar... hehehe :)
6) I will have a strong will, strong mind and discipline to do what I've stated.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008


1) I'd given my key to my roommate but I don't know whether she has checked out for me or not. I've messaged her awhile ago but she hasn't replied to my message yet... What if she didn't check out for me? That would really freak me out...

2) I'm starting to have doubt about something. Sometimes it's either absence makes the heart fonder or out of sight, out of mind. Maybe what my former roommate said has been true all these while. I'm starting to feel confused. I don't like to feel confuse... I need certainty...

3) Before this I had alot to blog about... Now I've ntg to say... Dun even feel like typing...

Monday, 17 November 2008

Beautiful Love

When I was old enough to hold a pencil, my parents taught me to draw heart shapes. They told me to colour it only with red colour. I never asked why. So, on my mommy's birthday, my papa would help me with the card with the word I LOVE YOU written on it and vice versa. It isn't too late to realize that the perfect gift doesn't always come with a bow, it is the amount of love that you put into it that counts.

Growing up, we come to love someone other than our parents. Sometimes, the loneliness that drops by to visit me always keeps me wondering, why don't we 'break up' with our parents? Why does the term break up only applies to boyfriend and girlfriend? Why is the feeling of love isn't genuine? If we come to love someone and we are assured that the someone is the right one that we will end up loving him or her for the rest of our lives, wouldn't it be great?

Perhaps, life is meant to be about losing and gaining, giving and taking and about happy and grief. Life is a great teacher that will teach us to appreciate something when we experience loss.

These few days, I keep thinking, when we are close to someone, the chances of losing him or her is greater. Why? Familiarity breeds contempt I think. You tend to see his or her flaws. You want them to change not for the better but for who you want them to be. In the end, the relationship is either too exhausting, too much expectation or there's no more sparks to keep both couple together.

To my best friends and that someone I will come to love one day. Hopefully, I will never be too dull for you all. I never wanna risk losing you all cause y'all are the gems among the colourless stones and y'all are the sunshine that never judges me and shines on every part of my life.

I love y'all!!!

xoxo Li Chin xoxo

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Things To Do This Semester Break

I've always loved a relaxing day with fine, sunny weather. It gives me time to enjoy the serenity back in my hometown and let me ponder about the things that I should do during this 1 month break.

Things to do, stuffs to be completed:
1) Tidy up my room
Yesterday evening had been really tiring, no time to unpack, no time to tidy up my little cozy bedroom.

2) Groom myself
With much time ahead, I am able to shape my out-of-shape eyebrow(s), cut my nails, paint my fingernails, DIY facials and hair treatment.

3) Clear up my old house
Have promised my mom to help her with that. So, I'll start off to work on Monday. Make a mental note to bring my brother and sister along.

4) Buy belated birthday present for my little sister.
Couldn't celebrate her birthday cuz I was having my exam on that day itself. I felt so sorry...

5) Polish up my English
I shouldn't be a news-resister. It only makes me shallow. I need to read newspapers everyday and be sure to read it aloud for 15 minutes ( yeah, train my mouth muscles ), read the non-fiction book I've bought last semester, continue to read CLEO magazine, do more grammar exercises and watch more English movies (I should make a mental note to remind Anna to help me download more movies).

6) Help my mom
Now that I know I have to rush back on the 9th of December, I don't have the chance to do any part-time job. So, I might as well help my mom with the house chores to ease her burden a bit. That means, sweep the floor everyday, mop the floor twice a day (thanks to Prosperous because she's making the floor so mom should name her Sandy instead of Prosperous..), cook my family an eatable lunch, hang the clothing, wash the dishes and wash my own bathroom.

7) Take my STPM certificate from my school
Gosh, I always forget about this. Age is certainly catching up.

8) Drink MILK!!!
To make my bones stronger for FESENI dance. I'm no longer a teenager, my bones might break anytime if I don't take good care of it.

9) Blog more often.
Blog more, make sure I don't post up SS pictures that often...

10) Wipe my handphone and my laptop

11) Check my results... Hopefully it's not a shameful one.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Frizzy Lazy Li Chin's Hair

Wow... I haven't been blogging for quite some time. Examination stress has caused my hair to be really really frizzy. In other words, damaged. No time, for treatment bcuz most of the time is allocated for revision...
Me looking sad cause my hair is really really dry, tangled up and damaged!!!

Closer look at my hair... It is like it hadn't been combed for years!!! I used to have a silky smooth hair...where did it go???

Time for DIY treatment. Running out of cash to go to the salon so have to do it myself lor. Herbal Essences shampoo for my damaged hair, Loreal Elseve conditioner to make my hair silky and Pantene 3 minutes repair to nourish my hair. Hopefully before I get back to KL, I'll have my silky smooth hair again. I'm Li Chin = Smooth...da name gotta mean something right?!