Thursday, 25 June 2009

Over A Cheescake

With 5 of them serving for their Industrial Training, 1 of them working in an audit firm and 2 of them having lotsa fun with humans' health in Russia, the lazy ones are here to laze around in Kuantan to make the most out of our holiday as the compensation for our pathetic and yet hectic campus lives. We had our rows of gathering in a week because of Jin Hong's short-lived semester break and this was the result-- baking cheese cake in Jin Hong's house. Yup, Li Chin is learning the ropes in the kitchen!!!

Following the instructions in the recipe book, I was given the task to beat egg I think. I can't remember cuz it was weeks ago and I am blogging about it now because blogging is better than cleaning the toilet right? Yup, cheese cake and toilet, what a good comparison. The girl with her beaming smile was Jin Hong. I remembered that girl. She made me cried like a kid when I was in Form One cuz I just couldn't help her with the Merdeka drawing. What a little monster!!! It was a sweet memory though.

The picture above with our enchanting smiles was me and Yong Feng. I know grammatically I should say Yong Feng and I but me and Yong Feng sounds better, does it or does it not? Nevermind. We were just really happy cause we were almost done with our cheese cake!!! That girl has a really prosperous life I heard. Never good in cooking, never good in baking but she's learning her ropes like me during this long break.

Under that roof, there were another 2 girls but their photos were not uploaded in this post because I was just too lazy to upload it. Thiam Hui was somewhere in Jin Hong's house, washing the dishes. I was washing the oily stuffs too and Mun Pan was upstairs with her Restaurant City.

After 40 minutes, our cake was finally out from the oven, and shortly slices of them were in our stomach. It was a really delicious cake although it was our first attempt in making it.

This picture was a turn off. Yong Feng uploaded it on Facebook and the rest was history...

I am glad that this holidays really rekindled my bond with them. Hope, I will no longer put up a disappearing act once my new semester begin.

Saturday, 20 June 2009


Likeness or love is a kind of drug. It just leaves people wanting more and more despite the heartache it may bring. It is hard to imagine how far people can go for love. I'm loveless and therefore I can't go far. Don't say friends and family are loving me because I know I should feel blessed to have that love. But, that is not what I want. I want a love from a guy. I want a boyfriend. Yeah, laugh at me.

I don't feel that I want that in every single moment of my life. It's just when I feel boring or when I see couples walking across me that I just feel me wanting to have a boyfriend. Worst of all, I will most likely start to compare me with some other girls who are no-so-attractive but yet they have a boyfriend. How did they do it? How do they keep their boy despite of the flaws that seem to be quite obvious to me?

Forgive for me being so overly desperate and by so openly stating them out here. It's better to write here than to tell a friend, "Oh, I feel so hopeless because I don't have a boyfriend and I think I won't have one anytime soon cuz I think I am going to become a spinster!!!" And when I write it here, it seems like everyone will read it!!!

I think I just like the word boyfriend. Maybe I am tired of imagining my pillow as the shoulder of my boyfriend. Maybe I want a real shoulder to lean on rather than just my pillow! Maybe I want someone to tell me just how attractive I look when I dress up for something. Most of all, maybe I just want a hand to hold, a shoulder to lean and a whisper of reassuring love when this kind of mood swings hit me. Yup, my period is coming I think. It's the hormones that make me feel that way.

What is love? Addiction? Why everyone wants it? Why some people get it and some people don't? How do they maintain once they have it? Where's mine?

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Counting Down The Days

How likely do you wake up, look at the clear blue sky, enjoy your mornings over a cup coffee and say you are not going to waste your particular day by doing nothing but your are doing just that?

Well, time flies. Another 17 days I'll be back to that hustle and bustle city, going to classes by waking up at the wee hours, and my schedule will be screaming jam packed!!!

There are things that I should start doing before I get back to KL. Here is my inventory of things that I should probably be doing now.
1) Clean the whole house so that mommy won't feel to tired when I get back to KL.
2) Buy a cake from Secret Recipe to celebrate Father's Day, my mom's belated birthday and my good GPA.
3) Teach my sis Maths.
4) Renew my mom's road tax.
5) Read one of the Shakespeare's plays.
6) Gather with my friends for a few times before we head on separate ways.
and the list goes on and on...

The next post will be about the things I did in Kuantan :)

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Hairstyles 101

This semester break is just great! Met up with my friends a couple of times, bond with them over our own cheese cake and some late-night movies. While everyone is complaining that Thiam Hui's hairstyle changes once she moves on from one guy to another, I gotta admit that her new hairstyle is great minus that remark from Chin Eng. Curls, they always make you look a bit sexier. However, I think I am stuck with the same hairstyle from my previous semester. Well, I can't seem to persuade my mom to permit me to perm my hair into loose curls. But, I don't wanna look with the same hair up-do 24/7.

I can tie my hair into a high ponytail or a loose one depending on my mood. Hmmm, I think I am going to the salon this week to style my bangs. Great look and great mood come from great hair. If you have a bad hair day, you'll have the tendency to feel blue.

A bun is nice too not to mention it helps you to look more professional. After a day of hard work in the campus, you'll have a new hair up-do at the end of the day when you finally have the time to let your hair down. You'll have sexy curls!!!

If you're running out of time to style your hair, you can always accessories with a hairband. This hairband that I got from Diva makes people comment that I am like a Greek Goddess :p It's a good thing I guess.

I certainly love this picture! The amount of sunlight makes me look fairer in this photo. I just pleat my hair to the side. It looks simple yet beautiful right? Please say that you agree with me :)

I saw this hair up-do on the telly. It's not hard at all and it's comfortable to wear at any time of the day. Just twist your hair and clip it up with a pin. Wear a hairband which looks like a scarf and Voila!!!

I'll come up with more hairstyles once I have the time. See you next time with more cam-whoring sessions.

My English seems to go down the drain this semester break. I need to do something. The English that I am using now is like a primary school kid's English :( Awww, pathetic!!!