Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Birthday and Family

Thomas Hardy, the poet in the Victorian era, the epitome of a very depressed individual, will be writing a poetry on how birthday is a day to mourn because it brings us closer to death if he is still alive and has the chance to write. Based on my last post, my readers will deem me as a very bi-polar person where I can feel extreme joy and extreme depressing moments. I am 23 on February 22, 2010 and I strongly feel that birthday is a day to celebrate because we grow old not by aging but by the experiences we had and because of that every passing year is just going to make me wiser.

Looking back in my teenage years, there were some things that I regretted doing. Although sometimes I wish there are things that people would tell me 8 years ago, it hit me that I'm just 23 and there's still time to reboot my life. I think birthday is the best time to reflect on how I have grown up and become matured overtime :)

The top 3 things I regretted doing:
1) The kiasu and kiasi-ism in me that warded of some of my friends.
2) Caring too much about the remarks of others.
3) Not loving enough and not knowing the ways to express love.

I think about things like this from time to time and I hope someone could provide me with a little wisdom so that I can do all the things right so that I don't live in regret. However, experience is the great teacher of life. It makes you to discover instead of making you follow everything that other sets for you.

This three years in university I have been wasting quite a lot of time obsessing grades and I wasted most of my holidays tackling my assignments. I hardly spend quality time with my family. I'll need time to improve on that because there's nothing like a family.

And Arul, Anna, Jess and Alan, you all are my family in UM, the second best cuz the best of the best I reserve that for my real family :)

##Writing skill seems to going down the drain... Sorry##