Saturday, 19 April 2008

The Paradox of Life and Love

We are not blessed with the ability to predict how love may find us, how love may blossom and how love may end. We will never know where we will find our loved ones, how we may fall for them, when and how it happens and that's why it's called falling in love. We do not have the ability to forsee what's going to happen and at the same time how and when it is going to end. It's the way we find happiness and it is also the way we find sadness, hopelessness and emptiness. The paradox of life and love.....

The girl in the mirror, she USED to think about the one who got away. She USED to colour her mind with the memories they once shared together. She USED to cry herself to sleep wondering what she could have done to make him stay. She USED to believe in hope but hopes never failed to shatter her dreams over and over again.

The girl in the mirror, she USED to wonder whether he thought of her as much as she thought of him. She HELD on the future they've once built together. She FELT the emptiness she haven't felt before. She USED to wonder whether it is the right thing for her to do to let him go. She forced herself to move on, letting go what was once familiar to her, buried her feelings deep under the ground. She flashed her smile, put on a mask and cheated the whole world.

Beneath her facade, does she feel the way we feel, laugh the way we laugh? Is she real?

Her feelings she hide, her dreams she can't find and the lost of her faith...I wonder how she feel without her pretension.

The girl in the mirror was once a reflection of me.

When I saw a testimonial from him in my Friendster, I know I've moved on. When you've read my previous posts, you'll know what I'm trying to say. Time can really dilute one's feeling and heals one's heart.

Love is not blind because love can see through one's imperfections and failures. If he can't see through my imperfections then I guess it is not meant to be. We all learn from our mistakes.
Hopefully, I'll get a better luck in my next relationship (that is if I find my white-horse prince... Mom says I'll be a spinster :( ... no idea why she says so )

Should I or Shouldn't I?

To begin with, I've resist the temptation to online for one whole week and now when I can finally online I feel like smooching my laptop. Muahahaha!

Yesterday was quite an unforgetable day for me. I went back to KL yesterday boarding on one of the UTAMA busses. Then, that creature with chromosome XY passed me something written in Chinese. Yeah, yeah I can't read Chinese but I know what he meant cuz I saw his contact number at the end of what he had written. So, I pretended to be stupid of course and passed him back that piece of paper and told him that I can't read Chinese. Muahahaha :P So bad of me! Afterthat, he told me it's his contact number. I kept it cuz I didn't wanna be rude.

He tried to make conversations with me throughout the journey to KL.

That fellar : Hey, u are going down to KL or are you going back to KL?

Li Chin : Going back to KL.

That fellar : Oh, so you orang KL lar.

Li Chin : I'm from Kuantan.

That fellar : Then you're going down to KL lar.

Li Chin : (chiz! making me confuse ny!) Yeah, going down to KL but going back there so that I can take my exam.

That fellar : So, what are you studying?

Li Chin : TESL

That fellar : Never heard of that.

Li Chin : Oh, is all about English.

That fellar : (laughing) Siao ar, so big dy still study English.

Li Chin : I'm taking that course so that I can teach Eng next time.

...Li Chin tried to end her conversation by yawning...

That journey to KL was really really uncomfortable. He kept on turning his head to the back to make a few conversations with me but I pretended to be asleep. I reached Pudu at 9pm and that fellar followed me and...

That fellar : Miss, can I become your friend?
Li Chin : ( can't!!!) (smiling) Ah, sure, y not?
That fellar : I'm Tom. You're...?
Li Chin : (Thought you're Tom Cruise lar!! Chiz!) I'm Chin Li.
That fellar : Ah, nice name. Can I have your contact number plz?
Li Chin : (of course not) Listen, I've your number right? Will give you a call tonite.

And that fellar followed me till I boarded Metro Bus.

I think I won't give him a call. He isn't my cup of tea. Shouldn't waste my credit just like that. And mom told me so many times when I was a child that I shouldn't give strangers my phone number. I'm obeying what my mom told me. I'm not trying to be rude.

Guys are always asking for a gal's phone number but in the end, they didn't make that call. So, why should I, right?

Saturday, 12 April 2008

To my roommates, with love.

Sometimes I get so pre-occupied with my 21 credit hours, my assignments, my coll’s activities and I do not have the time to tell those around me how much they mean to me. This post is specially dedicated to my roommates. We’ve weathered many good times and bad times together in our tiny little place. We’ve shared so many life experiences together. We have shared our heart-cries and gossips with each other and I feel that no one understands me better than y’all. Thanks for being such a great companion despite my shortcomings.

Siew Ling,
Being the eldest in our room, I know you've tasted more salt than we do. Thanks for sharing your life experiences with us, teaching me how to make barley water, inviting me over to paint that Easter eggs. I've learnt and experienced many new things from you. I know all you've learnt from me this 2 sems is to be very very playful and naughty. Sorry lar, infected you with all these things :P

Lih Yoong,
Sorry for being a pain in the ass at the end of last semester and the beginning of this semester. I just can't bear with the ants taking a stroll on my book when I'm doing my revision. I think we've weathered many storms together and we're closer than before now. You're a good multi-tasker. You can watch movie and at the same time studying. Wow!!! I used to do that too...but over the years I think I've lost the ability.

Hooi Theng,
I still remember how you taught me to remember your name during Haluansiswa :P You are the prettiest one in our room...sometimes I'm mesmerize by your beauty ( Okay, I'm not LESBIAN ar! ) There are things that I should learn from you :
1) Being hardworking and do not procrastinate in doing my assignments and my revision.
2) Bury my everchanging mood deep deep under the ground.

Thanks for being such a good roommates this 2 semesters. Hope with us staying in different places in our third semester will not put a halt on our friendship.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

The way Li Chin is....

I think I’m weird in some ways. But maybe we all are. Throughout this semester, I’ve complained a lot about my busy schedule, classes that I hate to attend, assignments that I’ve to really force myself to finish and sometimes the on-going struggle to accommodate with my roommate’s attitude. Sometimes I hope I am given more hours to figure out what this semester is about. Now, here I am, left with one more lecture to go, finally free from my hectic days but somehow have no idea what I should do to pass my time.

Out of nowhere, I come up with this to occupy my time. I have no idea why I come up with this. I’m such a weirdo LOL!

Li Chin … She’s nice,
Li Chin … She’s cool,
Li Chin … She’s smart,
Li Chin … She’s a bimbo,

But Li Chin (myself),
I can’t quite understand you because…

If someone says you look great, you’ll doubt yourself,
If someone says you look fat, you’ll be furious.
If someone says you are weak, you’ll show that you are strong,
If someone gives you a tough time, you’ll say you need a break.
If someone says you can’t speak good English, you’ll say you can,
If you speak, you sound pathetically awful.
If someone says you look unfriendly, you’ll say you’re a nice person,
If someone starts a conversation, your mouth will be tight like a cockle.
If someone says you are lazy, you’ll say you are hardworking,
If you have assignments to do, you’ll procrastinate.
And lastly,
If someone says you have a bad temper, you’ll deny,
The fact is sometimes Li Chin really has a bad bad bad temper.

See... I can't really figure out who I am. I think I'm a bit of everything. But if life is not complex like this, it will be no fun at all :)

Thursday, 3 April 2008

What TESLians came out with the topic Organ Donation...

First and foremost, let me babble some facts here about organ donation. Organ donation is the removal or organ from a person who has recently died or from a living donor for the purpose of transplanting them to another individual who is suffering from organ failure.

See how this dialogue went on and on in the class yesterday about 15 minutes. We can probably make a play out of it. A meaningful but yet funny dialogue.

Someone : Ey, y'all wana donate your organs or not?

Li Chin : Huh? Donate my organs? That means after I'm dead I'll need to be transported to the hospital and get the donation thing done and I'll have to end up in mortuary with a bunch of people I'm not familiar with?

Lay Cher : Wow, organ donation!!! After donating I'll have nothing more inside of me!

Li Chin : Yala, kempis all over! Funeral won't be perfect you know!!

Winnie : Organ donation is one of the most wonderful thing. ( She came out with all the facts ) Don't you know that your organs are able to help a lot of people??? ..... (she just went on and on )

Fish : Yala, donate your organ! You want all the worms biting your organs when you are six-feet-under izit?

Dinesh : Do y'all know that when y'all donated your heart, that particular receiver will have most of your characteristics? Okay, okay is like this. For instance, he/she doesn't like chocs and you are crazy about choc, he/she will most likely crave for chocs too after he/she received ur heart.

Lydia : Omigod!!! What if, what if she falls in love with my husband after I've donated her my heart. You know, it's my heart. My feelings for my husband are in there.

Fish : By that time your husband is no more here. You can meet him in the other world.

Li Chin : No, no, no. You must ask your husband to donate his organs too. When he donated his and you donated yours, y'all will fall in love again when y'all meet heart to heart although in different bodies.

Winnie : We're talking about organ donation...serious matter but y'all can elaborate it so well!!!

Dinesh : What if Mr. Shabastian donated his organs (heart). I really can't imagine.... Wow, that person after waking up will talk like him lar. He will say " This bed is like a piece of shit. Which bloody hospital is this?" (It went on and on)

All laughing...hahaha

Dinesh : Just imagine one day we going up there he will say. "Remember to park your butt in front of the God!" and before the God interrogates us, Mr. Shabastian will ask us, " Hey u, which sekolah have you taught? What? You always late to class? You think that is Sekolah Ulu Yam is it? Why can't you just park your butt in the class on time? You are all bloody shit I tell you.

..... The dialogue went on and on .....

Yes, donate your organs! You can do your part in eliminating their sufferings. Help others to build a quality life. Just imagine, your organs living in them for years and if they are organs donor too, chances are, you'll be immortal.

Take a step into the hospital, see the pain they all are going through. Don't let their hopes down, help them rebuild their lives.