Wednesday, 30 May 2007

me, myself and i

When my bike was still a four-wheeler, my parents used to bring me to the temple to watch opera after our prayers once in a blue moon. Then, i would call my mom to make-up for me looking like one of da character in that opera. Afterthat, I'll put 2 flags at da back of my dress, start jumping up and down on our master bed, start to scream n sing out loud like those in da opera.

When I was a little older, around 7 or 8 years old, I switched on the t.v and got mesmerized by a slender gymnast performing her enchanting ribbon routine. Though i didn't get a chance to learn opera, I got da chance to train under a Russian coach who taught me Rhythmic Gymnastic.

Training under her was really tough. I would be really really lucky if I didn't get scolded by her during my training or when she curiously wanted to know bout my weight. I got to learn ballet everyday to warm up before training, i got to learn to cope with the strict deal with injury...etc etc-endless sacrifices.

SUKMA in Sabah was my last competition, the last time for me to hear the whole of Pahang team shouting "Go, Li Chin!!!" or "Go, Pahang!!!"...the last time my adrenaline pumping bcuz of da crowds knowing that i cannot dissapoint my my teammates. But, all the sacrifices are totally worth it.

I quit rhythmic gymnastic afterthat, got a haircut simply bcuz my friends dared me to cut it short and voila!!! i ended up looking like a mushroom head with pimply face and a flabby muscles:( pathetic!!!

Years and years of reinventing and improving of the thing i can be proud of is my hair- my straight, silky long hair:)

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Why parties are like geometry??

Parties are basically large social gathering attended by people dressing up like celebrities and show up in pairs like Angelina Jolie-Brat Pitt or friends like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Most of the time, people hang out in big circles with like-minded friends, eating geometrically shaped sandwiches and crackers with square cheese topping on them.

Those single females will search for their potential date or eyeing for Mr.Drop Dead Gorgeous while most of the guys are working hard to get upclose with girls (guys love girls with cleavage) just to get their contact numbers.

Then, the host of the party will try to balance out Pythagoras's famous equation that is to make sure (people)2 + (fun)2 does not equal (trouble)2.

While in a more complicated relationship, coincidentally or unfortunately, those who are into two-timing relationship will bump into each other and forms love triangles of all sizes when point A, B and C are all present in the same room...looking at each other...while B has his jaw dropped open, C will walk up to B and land her hand on B's face, A will stare right into B's eye and then break off there and then with him.

Ouch!!! What a nice disastrous geometry party...:)