Thursday, 16 August 2007

bathroom cum toilet chaos

Ok... I'll come clean with you all. I'm not a clean freak!!! But, as dirty or disorder or whatever you wana call me, I do hope to step into a clean toilet or a bathroom cuz my purpose of taking bath is to get rid of my stickiness (is da spelling right?) and I wanna smell fresh :)

I normally shower thrice a day and I just couldn't bear with the toilet condition anymore. The sight of the toilet is following me everywhere till I have to blog about it!!! Oh, gosh!!! I'm staying in a hostel so there's no use to lament about it cuz I still have to deal with the condition until I finish my 1st semester :(

I was imagining a nice cool shower in da afternoon so I went to the bathroom to have my shower. It was a blissful bath at the beginning of the shower until the water couldn't find it's way out to the drain (the hole on the floor was clogged). So, when i was shampooing my body, whoa!!! all the hair (the hair from the scalp and pubic hair) was floating around my feet. Yucks!!! And then i saw, there was a pad stucked there...who da heck throws her pad there?!!!

That's not all, I stared up at the ceiling and saw an army of ants going somewhere near the window and oh dear!!! there's another pad stucked at the small opening of da window with the red colour thingy there (the blood of course).

Gross right??? Those people have no shame...they don't even have any clue about basic hygiene :( they are so uncivilised!!!

Do you know what's the cons when the bathroom is by the side of the toilet? Let me enlighten you with my elaboration :P You smell people doing their 'bug business' of course!!! Not only that, you can even hear the sound (plupp!!!) when that 'dark brown colour' fell into the toilet bowl.

Feel like you are going to hurl anytime soon??? Just imagine me going to that bathroom and toilet everyday you'll know how lucky you are staying at ur home sweet home!!! I miss my toilet and my bathroom so much!!! At least my home's toilet won't have a sanitary bin full of pads until some of them fell down to the floor!!! Ewwwwwwwww!!!

I wana upload da photos of my hostel's bathroom cum toilet but I dun have the courage to do makes me wana hurl...and if i snap dirties my phone :)