Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Getting on my last nerve

I'm getting too busy this semester and my life is getting a bit unruly. Suddenly, I felt like I've been flooded by too many classes with odd timing and I can't seem to juggle between studies and my extra-curricular activities. I started my 1st Physical Education class with a scold from a lecturer because I'm late by 25 minutes... Pathetic huh? Yeah, it is.

Waking up almost everyday before the Sun comes up is a pain in the ass not to mention that I have dance practise at night. I'm very very lost trying to find a time to do some revision or some pampering.

Luckily I don't have any class on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Can catch some breath and rejuvenate in that 3 days.

To rub the salt onto the wound, I just realized that my room is inhabitated by the ants now. No time to relax and rejuvenate because it just makes my blood boil! No thanks to my roommate for ruining my beautiful planned weekend!

Gosh, she got no idea about basic hygeine. I don't mean to be a baddy baddy roommate for blogging this out but this is just getting too much.

This roommate of mine can leave her cup of Milo or 'tau fu fah' unattended for a couple of hours to go out for a shopping. Surely enough it attracted those ants and I've to get rid of the ants for the time being cuz I'm getting so fed up with the ants crawling all over the place. It's distracting and dare she asked me what's ruining my mood! Duh!

My mom used to complain about how messy I am but the roommate of mine just broke my record! Her desk is a mess and therefore she has to put her toothbrush on the floor for me to step on. Ish!

She can be so annoying at times but she doesn't know that. She doesn't have any problems living with ants. She can be dead without any Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korean series to watch.

I just hope that she can stop watching her whatever series and think for a while and maybe tidy up a little...

Monday, 7 January 2008

Some Things Really Have Changed

Gosh! The lecture for classical prose has been cancelled and I've to wait for another 2 hours for my next class. Might as well spend my time blogging since I haven't been a serious blogger before.

It's unbelievable how year 2007 passed in just a blink of an eye and like any other years it's good to look back on what you have achieved or lose before you try to pen down your New Year Resolutions. You know, I'm good in writing or planning what to do in my Resolutions but I'm never determined enough to follow them :( I might as well tattoo this saying "Don't count your chickens before they're hatched" meaning that I should not waste my time planning for anything if I'm never going to anything bout it.

My resolutions for 2008:
1) Friendship : It's my regret to say this. I've befriend a girl in my course, argued with her, befriend her back, shoo-ing her off (harsh rite?) and now we are kinda awkward around each other. I never thought of starting a new year like this! I think I've some attitude problems to deal with. So, I'm going to be friendlier but I'm never to let anyone taking me for granted. I'll try to control my temper so that I'll not erupt like a volcano. Duh, I don't want anyone to say I'm looking fierce :)

2) Romance : Umm...I'm just able to let go someone who has been quite significant in my life or I must say whom I thought was significant. My heart is flying back to me like a full-speed boomerang from Russia. A good sign!!! So, anyone wana become my matchmaker??? haha:)

3) Career : I'm a struggling student! I have to cope with 21 credit hours per week this semester compared to 14 credit hours for my last semester :( I managed to score 3.55 in my last semester. I need to and must be hardworking to score 3.67 this year!

4) I'll never be late for my class!!! I got scolded from a lecturer that I got no bloody manners and I'm a pain in the ass!!!! Darn! Never ever be late for my class!!!!

5) I'll find a suitable job so that I can earn enough pocket money but still get enough of sleep n rest. If I found one, I hope it will not affect my studies.

6) I want a good complexion and a healthy, silky, cashmere-soft hair!

7) I'm going to improve on my English speaking.

8) ...wait till I figure out if I still have anything to add...