Saturday, 1 May 2010

Pick-Up Lines

Boy, can you give me a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation cuz you just took my breath away.

You must be tired. You have been running through my mind every second, every hour, every single moment.

Are you the broom? You swept me off my feet in vroom.

I seem so off today. Can you turn me on?

While these pick-up lines might seem fun and original in their own way, the art of verbal flirting differs from culture to culture and society to society. Sometimes, when I have my creative juice flowing, I am able to come up with hundreds of this pick up lines but even if I am able to do that, with the geographical setting I am in, with the kind of shy reclusive personality I have, it doesn't ensure a successful courtship.

Evidence of the most creative pick-up lines in my head right now:
1) You're so bright, you must be my knight in shining armour. (If that guy is really intelligence and his knowledge is a turn on for you)
2) You're my alcohol. You got me so intoxicated right now.
3) You're like my teddy bear. Cute, warm and hairy in a way.
4) Was it the adrenaline or you making my heart beats faster?
5) You must be the sunshine, you bright up my day.

These pick up lines are effortless and I am able to come up with quite a few in 1 minute but to express it out is a big no-no because in the country I am living in, it is all about modesty and these lines only makes me look like a joker or an idiot. Nevertheless, I believe this verbal flirting works in sparking up the relationship.

This post serves as a channel to channel out my creative juice. Any resemblances to any posts are perfectly INTENTIONAL. And You may kiss the bride now.

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