Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Change is constant. Some grow out of it. Some are stuck in the same vicious cycle of bewilderment. Changes, whether it's a natural cycle, an order imposed on you by someone else or a resolution you plan to achieve, it's never easy. To the fearfuls, it might be a difficult phase facing the uncertainties in life. To the hopefuls, tomorrow is a better day. To the confident ones who yearn for challenges that life's offering, it's a period of excitement.

Facing changes is inevitable. Britney Spears' career went under hiatus with series of erratic behaviour but later released the global chart-topping "Womanizer". Lady Gaga who is well-known for her erratic dressing is a woman of change not only in her fashion sense but also in her performances which gained her her success in the music industry. A teenager who was running errand for his mother later found hanged in his room. Some are ready to change, some are not. Whether we succesfully conquered the changes around us or we failed to do so, our life is what our thoughts that make it.

Taking a time off to scrutinize my life, it hasn't been running the way I want it to be. My sister and brother's education is on the top of my priority list right now. Imposing plans on teenagers has been hazardous with lots of screaming in the house lately. Time for re-strategizing things for a positive change because if things cannot change, I need to buck up for a change.

Perhaps all those yelling did not put my energy to waste, I realized time do not change life but it changes the way we want our life to be. Whether we are rummaging through the entire book-store looking for a self-help book, we might as well rummage through our mind searching for what we want to change about ourselves, priortise our responsibilities and strategize a new strategy to tackle the problem.

It's a new semester on parenting and how to keep the household clean :)

Speaking of change, with the recent hoo-hah on Bersih, I wonder the change of government can put a stop to Lynas? Which I think is quite impossible since the compensation to put a halt on this project is too high for anyone to bear...

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